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  1. So much for a "new song" & Dress You Up has been axed more times than that same person predicted it...
  2. Maybe someone started a rumor and everyone went with it? Didn't the same thing happen with the Vegas show?
  3. So the question is, Like A Prayer with or without Dress You Up?
  4. Like A Prayer or Secret for tonight?
  5. To me it sounds better, I hear more details and the volume is better without any tampering, but of course it's two songs less. I believe Dime has the first night of Cologne as well.
  6. ^Probably because she never does the "talk-singing" live...
  7. ^I'm pretty sure she had much bigger hits in Australia/Japan than those COADF singles, stuff like True Blue, This Used To Be My Playground or American Pie.
  8. Maybe he wasn't fond of some of them? I think Borderline is his best TIC version, so much fresher than the album version and cut to a better length.
  9. Per Dimeadozen / Madonna Infinity, Cologne Nov. 5 show flac audio, crystal-clear and better than anything so far. https://mega.nz/#F!N8BlWTrC!O6CYcn1mm5lsjPdi-6xpVA
  10. Surely it doesn't help that it's not on The Immaculate Collection though.
  11. Seems predictions about Dress You Up were incorrect. By doing only Ghosttown in that part she did more Rebel Heart songs on this show than oldies!
  12. Is it though? It acts more as a "Best of Madonna" with post-Erotica albums represented evenly, adding Everybody & Burning Up in favor of True Blue and the 1990s ballad hits strays away from a proper GH concept as well... As for Miles Away, I believe Guy Oseary himself confirmed Japan was the reason of the inclusion of Miles Away and that they did not want to have different editions based on markets.
  13. ^La Isla Bonita TIC version has a different ending as well, the chorus is repeated instead of Spanish adlibs. Material Girl TIC version has part of the chorus removed if I recall well...
  14. MDNA Rome is the best. St. Louis is great too. Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 Sao Paulo. I think Re-Invention Tour has several great recordings from the Paris shows.
  15. Let's see whether the rumors are correct and that Dress You Up is out tonight. Kinda weird only 1 out of 5 EU shows have had Who's That Girl so far...
  16. Simply Dress You Up...? She sings Dress You Up in FULL and adds snippets of two songs, this is not a medley in the Who's That Girl Tour sense of the word.
  17. Is there much difference between them though, just commercial ballads? Hello is by Sia's longtime collaborator Greg Kurstin while Ghosttown comes from the stable of Evan Bogart who had already done these years earlier...
  18. I know, I'm still hoping she does it in the place of the extra song one day... Secret is essentially the DWT version so for the DVD it would feel less special than the others.
  19. I'm pretty sure she sings this line differently live than on the album version.
  20. Too early to guess as the DVD might be filmed in 2016. Plus remember she did Holiday at many US MDNA Tour shows but NOT the DVD one...
  21. Full show with great sound quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LzcItu22_k
  22. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1rmGPZOjNXVxN
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