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  1. MX rocks. It’s the only album I’ve bought from 2019 and the only one I care about.
  2. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m just thankful I have them myself.
  3. Your enthusiasm and love for our idol is admirable.
  4. Hoping Madonna wins. If she doesn't, the award has no credibility.
  5. It's the complete version of the album, for sure. Couldn't imagine it without these three songs.
  6. Both are great songs, but I especially like seeing Future being mentioned. I think it's the catchiest from the album.
  7. Absolutely fantastic news. I'm sending all my love and best wishes to Madonna in winning this. She sure does deserve it.
  8. I’d throw a party blasting the album at full volume, delirious and on a Madonna high. I do that anyway but I’d really be enjoying myself knowing M was recognised for the album. It’s a work of genius and surpasses anything out now.
  9. Which I have. We need everyone to get these 3 songs to complete their set. It’s a must.
  10. Yeah, it’s so addictive. I like playing this one loud.
  11. I know it will. I already view it more favorably, and I liked it upon release.
  12. Nice article, and it’s true. Madonna music is the music I listen to on a daily basis, and MX fits right in there with the others as works of art. She knows we love her and the album, and that satisfies me. It’s a great honor to be a fan.
  13. Yeah, I know. I’ll see what happens. It’ll arrive eventually.
  14. I’m still getting gear from the official store. Gotta represent M and the tour.
  15. 1. Come Alive 2. Crave 3. I Don’t Search I Find 4. Ciao Bella 5. Crazy 6. Future 7. Medellin 8. I Rise 9. Looking For Mercy 10. Extreme Occident 11. Dark Ballet 12. God Control 13. Batuka 14. Back That Up To The Beat 15. Funuana 16. Faz Gostoso 17. Bitch I’m Loca 18. Killers Who Are Partying
  16. A great deal of her RH and MX songs would make it on a greatest hits package for me.
  17. Agree. I can never have too much Madonna stuff!
  18. The intro to BIM on the live album says it all: “You’re invincible. You’re ordained by God.” Madonna was put on this Earth to be an icon, and very few people reach that status. Susan Boyle and even Shirley Bassey have respectable careers of their own, but one word screams superstar - MADONNA. Often imitated, but never bettered.
  19. Nobody does ballads like Madonna. Nobody. Look at her last two albums alone and look at the quality of the ballads. Joan of Arc, HeartBreakCity, Extreme Occident, Looking For Mercy, etc. They have power and soul, which isn’t easy to capture. But Madonna captures it all the time.
  20. You inspired me to do my own analysis of the themes as I see them. I think there are two main themes and I have demonstrated them below. MADONNA FIGHTING FOR A BETTER TOMORROW Future - The future is still bright and M is going to "rise above it all". I Rise - "I can't break down now, I can't take that now, I rise." Looking for Mercy - "Somebody to teach me to love, somebody to help me rise above." God Control - "This is your wake up call, we don't have to fall." Batuka - "Things have got to change." Dark Ballet - "We know, but we are just not ready to act." Funuana - "Times are all changing, we all need freedom." Back That Up To The Beat - "Now I know how freedom feels, I'm never gonna stop." Bitch I'm Loca - "Forget about the future and we have no past." MADONNA FINDING HERSELF Extreme Occident - "Guess I'm lost, I had to pay the cost, the thing that hurt me most was that I wasn't lost." Crave - "Ran so far to try to find the thing I lacked and there it was inside of me." Medellin - "Another me could now begin." And "I felt so naked and alive, for once I didn't have to hide myself." I Don't Search I Find - "I found peace, I found a new view." Ciao Bella - "Have you ever been to the land where you can find yourself?" Crave - "'Cause I'm just me, that's all I can be." Come Alive - "Stand out no I don't want to blend in, why do you want me to?" Crazy - "I won't let you drive me crazy." Killers Who Are Partying - "I know what I am, and I know what I'm not." I am obsessed with this album. It's a fascinating masterpiece.
  21. You have no idea how happy this makes me. I love it when something that so obviously deserves recognition receives it.
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