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  1. What I see from Jackson apologists is the whole ‘they testified in court it didn’t happen, therefore they’re lying now.’ That is incredibly flimsy and demonstrates total ignorance of the picture painted by Leaving Neverland. All of that content is false (their iteniaries all match, etc) because they said otherwise in court? Wade and James were kids when the abuse happened, and they denied the allegations as kids and afterwards. The lie (that abuse didn’t happen) was established, and they stuck to it, for reasons explained in the documentary. I get it completely. Those apologists who can’t get over that mental barrier....I feel sorry for them. They don’t see the situation for what it really is. They’ve been groomed as well.
  2. Let’s make this real with a photo. This grown man was penetrating and masturbating to kids who were on all fours. Once you comprehend this, and visually, there is no way you can listen to Jackson again. Streisand doesn’t have a problem with it.
  3. Thank you both. And if Streisand said that...absolutely unbelievable. What a disgusting way of thinking. Where do you start?
  4. I re-watched the Martin Bashir documentary a couple of days ago and had a variety of emotions. From Jackson’s point of view he shouldn’t have done it. It was a huge mistake and accelerated his demise in the public sphere. Bashir put a lot of the pieces together, and at the time, was scolded for doing so. Bashir has nothing to apologise for. His documentary revealed the disconnect between the superstar image Jackson created for the public via his music, and the reality of what he actually was and how he lived his life. Cheering fans mobbing him, begging for hugs and crying, thinking of him as a God – while he’s actually a lonely weirdo hanging around young boys and throwing his money away. Bashir, with Jackson’s permission, allowed us to see that. The fans were oblivious, and in most cases, deliberately shunning the truth. Nobody can live up to unrealistic superstar expectations. But it’s sad that this man was so loved, and loved for what fans wanted/thought him to be, when he did not resemble a normal human being. That’s why the diehard fans keep their heads in the sand and defend his myth. Jackson was incredibly talented as a performer but the myth did not match reality, not even remotely. By the time of Invincible, and especially afterwards, Jackson was a spent force creatively. He was living off past glories (Billie Jean, Beat It, etc) that were now distant memories, and re-releasing greatest hits. Jackson lied about being a sperm donor for his ‘children’. He lied about his plastic surgery, when the basis for him doing so was logically established (teasing from his father). I’m very confident the marriage to Lisa Marie was a front. He had no interest in women, as shown by using surrogates and having no relationship with them afterwards. And of course the biggest issue of all, sharing his bed with children. Jackson was not sleeping on the floor as he claimed. Notice how he told the truth about his deviance in a manipulative way? He said the star struck kids asked to sleep in his room, and the parents (not wanting to let them down) gave permission. I accept Jackson was abused as a child and he then abused other children (which he claimed he would NEVER do), though I’m confident he didn’t see it as abuse, but rather showing them love – something he says he didn’t get as a child. All in all, Bashir’s documentary revealed too much and confirmed a lot of people’s viewpoints about Jackson.
  5. I was really angry after watching the docomumetary...the knowledge of what Jackson did and that he’s now dead. You can’t jail or execute a ghost for their crimes. I read a comment somewhere which said it’s annoying that Jackson didn’t live long enough to see the true extent of him being REJECTED and EXPOSED.
  6. Yep. There we go. It’s all legit. And indeed, the lyrics for Threatened are terrifying.
  7. This is the truth of the matter. The ugly side of Jackson isn’t even considered as possible by the diehard fans because that’s not THEIR relationship with him. Their relationship is that of a detached listener of his music, and a consumer of his public persona. Just like one of the boys said they walked into a room to see Jackson watching one of his music videos. The produced version everyone saw on the screen, and the reality sitting down in the room with him.
  8. Jackson was their idol, and it still feels like they’re going against him/betraying him because of the power of that friendship, which was originally present due to being a star struck child, and then being groomed over a period of time. Now they’re older they see the true extent of what was happening. It’s a weird, confusing relationship but I get what they mean. Just as Jackson lied about only having two plastic surgeries he also lied about not being a predator.
  9. Facts are, MJ groomed the world. Those who defend him have been groomed by the persona he created. They simply cannot imagine this ‘gentle, sweet soul’ raping young kids behind closed doors because they feel like they know him. The sheer brazenness of a global star doing this and denying it all so emphatically. It’s hard for them to wrap their heads around anything else other than what MJ sang about. That ‘us vs them’ Lance Armstrong attitude is addictive. It’s the same as how Ted Bundy charmed people/feigned weakness, and how other stone cold guilty killers claimed their innocence. I’m confident Jackson was a paedophile but at times you want to doubt it/don’t want to believe it. You want to like him, but that’s the trick. The parents and kids also fell into that trap which allowed the abuse to happen in the first place. ‘MJ is a huge icon, he’s fun and safe to be around’. That’s where their thinking was. MJ probably did believe raping young kids was just showing love. As I said before, the timelines of the kids and parents all match up with reality. They were there. What happened behind those doors was explained in the doco. It was just them and MJ in there. I believe them.
  10. The families have photos, fax messages and phone calls proving they all met Jackson. Their itineraries are legit. Jackson wanted these boys alone for himself and he got that. Why would he want that? There’s only one explanation, and it’s what is revealed in the documentary. He moved kids on and replaced them with others. He always had a kid around, literally like that was his husband, and Neverland was their honeymoon house. He saw kids as his property (asking to have one to himself for a year). Apologists can say whatever they want, but the timeline and the testimony all match up.
  11. I watched the documentary (both parts) and the commentary by the families and the now adult children all lines up. Watching these episodes in their entirety paints the picture. Jackson was a paedophile.
  12. This says a lot to me. This content was seized. It was Jackson’s personal collection. He didn’t want this stuff seen. This is his soul.
  13. Joan of Arc Best Night HeartBreakCity Wash All Over Me Beautiful Scars LOVE the whole album though.
  14. This. Rebel Heart is truly one of her strongest albums, added to what was already a strong catalogue.
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