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  1. This says a lot to me. This content was seized. It was Jackson’s personal collection. He didn’t want this stuff seen. This is his soul.
  2. the-queen

    Your top 5 Rebel Heart tracks

    Joan of Arc Best Night HeartBreakCity Wash All Over Me Beautiful Scars LOVE the whole album though.
  3. This. Rebel Heart is truly one of her strongest albums, added to what was already a strong catalogue.
  4. Beautiful Scars is just amazing. That's one of my main jams.
  5. No. Mike was a violent man and is trying to clean up his act. Goes with the themes of the album actually.
  6. I can't believe how good the album is. The first six are still awesome, and the rest is amazing. I love her ballad stuff most of all.
  7. I actually don't mind the changes done to WAOM and RH. They're still good songs.
  8. Beautiful Scars....love this one. Sums up M so well and is damn catchy.
  9. Best modern era album for me. 25 songs and hardly any filler at all.
  10. In all seriousness, the only songs I'm not that fond of are Holy Water, Graffiti Heart and Autotune Baby. This is a powerhouse of an album.
  11. Stop being so sensitive about it. Yes, it's just a song. But the lyrics are so affecting.
  12. I think Queen is a song to be played in the event of her death.
  13. SEX went from one of the worse demos to one of the best songs of all. Such a sexy, dark feeling to it.
  14. Her best album in a long time, and I love MDNA. Ray of Light, Bedtime Stories, Erotica, Rebel Heart.