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  1. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    What were you trying to post?
  2. His panties are in a bunch because M is sassy and didn’t want to talk to his dumb ass. Madonna is a legend and will always be a legend.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    If we’re lucky we may get another post on Instagram.
  4. Madonna in Rio Next Week (October 24th)

    Hopefully we get some pics.
  5. Indeed. Her appreciation of our Queen is not token, it’s very real.
  6. Harvey was the hunter now he’s the hunted. She’s right.
  7. MNation is a great place to simply read when I’m not posting. It’s a beautiful sanctuary.
  8. This thread has been amazing and I thank everyone for making it such a joy to read. I consider Erotica to be a priceless work of art, just as Da Vinci has the Mona Lisa. It’s that important and special to me. Madonna made an album that is so incredibly consistent, that not only reflects her personality but also stands the test of time.
  9. Skin is my favorite from the album. That’s especially a masterclass of melancholy atmosphere that stays with you long after having listened to it.
  10. Drowned World, but I love both. The songs from ROL all affect my soul in a big way.
  11. M fans are obsessed like that. We can’t help it.
  12. Pink showed the Queen the respect she deserves. Pink is in my good books.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    The best sight imaginable for me is Madonna in sexy clothing. I'd like to push myself deep into her mind.