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  1. MX rocks. It’s the only album I’ve bought from 2019 and the only one I care about.
  2. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m just thankful I have them myself.
  3. Your enthusiasm and love for our idol is admirable.
  4. Hoping Madonna wins. If she doesn't, the award has no credibility.
  5. It's the complete version of the album, for sure. Couldn't imagine it without these three songs.
  6. Both are great songs, but I especially like seeing Future being mentioned. I think it's the catchiest from the album.
  7. Absolutely fantastic news. I'm sending all my love and best wishes to Madonna in winning this. She sure does deserve it.
  8. I’d throw a party blasting the album at full volume, delirious and on a Madonna high. I do that anyway but I’d really be enjoying myself knowing M was recognised for the album. It’s a work of genius and surpasses anything out now.
  9. Which I have. We need everyone to get these 3 songs to complete their set. It’s a must.
  10. Yeah, it’s so addictive. I like playing this one loud.
  11. I know it will. I already view it more favorably, and I liked it upon release.
  12. Nice article, and it’s true. Madonna music is the music I listen to on a daily basis, and MX fits right in there with the others as works of art. She knows we love her and the album, and that satisfies me. It’s a great honor to be a fan.
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