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  1. Voted. Although all of those Best Clubs nominees are tiny bars compared to the unparalelled The Week in São Paulo.
  2. Top three songs 1. Wash all over me 2. Ghosttown 3. Devil Pray Song that grew on you Living for Love Song that faded for you BIM Best Lyrics Wash all over me Best Vocal Ghosttown Best Melody Ghosttown Best Chorus Wash all over me Most Fun To Play Loud All top 3 Most Overrated Song Joan of Arc Most Underrated Song Wash all over me MVP Track Ghosttown Most Classic Madonna Sounding Ghosttown Most Groundbreaking BIM
  3. As of late, I'm working out the most to LFL... Too bad the world didn't catch up. Presented properly it would have had more commercial success.
  4. DevilPray was played twice during a dance Marathon in São Paulo, this weekend. People love it!
  5. This, live... would be the ultimate present to whom appreciate her artistry above all.
  6. I've been watching this damn thing daily and haven't gotten tired yet! In comparison I watched Ghosttown 3 times and that was it. Brazilians sing this at the club hilariously! ..."bicha am madoooonnna" Too damn catchy...
  7. As immensely talented as she is, she often fucks up with single choices: - not releasing Into the groove - releasing Oh Father (I love that song but....) - releasing Human Nature - releasing Hollywood after the awful AL (with so many good songs on that album) - not releasing The Beat Goes On or Devil or Heartbet (I remember a few reviews praising that song) - GMAYL when she could have ballsy with other choices (Gang Bang deserved the biggest exposure no matter what, it is a masterpiece) Only during Confessions and RH she sort of did right, too bad radio just won't go with it. UB with a feat. Rihanna would smash everywhere outside US, specially in Brasil.
  8. In São Paulo, Rio, Brasilia, Florianópolis, etc. The clubs here are mega... led by The Week, simply a club like no other on the planet, where special parties go over 5.000 people per event and regular saturday nights are around 3.000. They also have the most hi-tech lighting and sound of any club I have ever been. Heartbreak City within this context is shaping up to be the anthem of the winter here
  9. ^likewise however at the clubs seems to be growing even more after having been overshadowed by Heartbreak City's remixes this past month.
  10. She should release it after Devil Pray. Even my friends who ignore Madonna, start grooving when they hear it. It has that effect of The Beat Goes On or Heartbeat with teenagers and adults.
  11. Two of the worst songs ever written by her. Plainly awful and I wish they could be erased from time.
  12. I guess the director is a fan. Good intentions.
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