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  1. Texas Sharleen Spiteri is the Universe's gift to humans. And The Red Book is the only album immaculately perfect ✨🙌🏾
  2. Brasileiro

    Bruno Mars

    How can someone so talented be so bland?!
  3. Brasileiro


    In the pop section, L4L is a masterpiece compared to the crap mominated this year. Good ol' Madge continues to be edgy for these bastards academy members.
  4. In Brasil: Anitta and/or Pabllo Vittar. It would be legendary ✨
  5. Brasileiro

    rate the tours

    I didn't go to them :/ I was too young but I'm sure I would have loved them. Particularly Gambler 🙏🏽✨
  6. Brasileiro

    rate the tours

    I liked RIT, the opening was fantastically fit Madge and loved the Deeper and Deeper Version. I don't remember the rest 😳 I didn't go to RHT but after watching the clips I would probably enjoyed LFL, BIM... I didn't care how she looked on it for the most part :/
  7. Brasileiro

    rate the tours

    1. Blond Ambition - There is a before and after perception of performance for concerts universally because of it. 2. MDNA - Madge as the femme fatale she was born to play. That opening!!! 3. Confessions - As smoothly perfect as the album ✨ 4. Drowned World Tour - Madonna THE Artist right in front of your eyes. The Paradise interlude might be her best ever. 5. Girlie Show - Madge at her most theatrical and raw yet. 6. Sticky & Sweet - My first time in Rio at the Maracanã... When Like a Prayer came on: mythology became flesh and blood. Borderline punk style was heaven. Give it to me was the best closing ever!
  8. Brasileiro

    Bruno Mars

    I couldn't finish listening any of the songs. Too cheesy r&b 90's. Too bad because he is so talented.
  9. Brasileiro

    2016 MTV VMAs

    The whole show and only Rihanna delivered actual hits???? If it weren't for her strong performance skills Beyonce's music is just unlistenable, those rappers are dreadful, Nick Jonas makes you yearn for Justin Timberlake (bad sign), Britney was dead on arrival, Kanye's relevance remains only in USA and the token english speaking colonies... even Ariana Grande chose a weak song. I am so glad I don't have to endure pop radio in US nowadays... tragic.
  10. His face gestures are repulsive just like his personality. I can only think of Elton John or Gaga as far as self-professed 'pop artists' as unattractive.
  11. Brasileiro

    Prince Dead at 57

    If those lists were based on talent alone Prince would always be Number 1.
  12. Brasileiro

    Prince Dead at 57

    A True Artist.
  13. Voted. Although all of those Best Clubs nominees are tiny bars compared to the unparalelled The Week in São Paulo.
  14. Someday she will do a full acoustic show and TAB will be gloriously performed. For now, this was great