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  1. In Brasil: Anitta and/or Pabllo Vittar. It would be legendary ✨
  2. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/6-sides-of-madonna-that-explain-her-genius-listening-guide/
  3. The moment she became the most important female entertainer in history.
  4. rate the tours

  5. I hope she keeps this completely uncovered until the day of its release. She stays away from Instagram. She goes fully left field yet with her stamped pop genius. SHE FALLS IN LOVE. Her film is beyond decent. She hires new management while she is away (Guy O is stale and rich now...).
  6. rate the tours

    I didn't go to them :/ I was too young but I'm sure I would have loved them. Particularly Gambler 🙏🏽✨
  7. rate the tours

    I liked RIT, the opening was fantastically fit Madge and loved the Deeper and Deeper Version. I don't remember the rest 😳 I didn't go to RHT but after watching the clips I would probably enjoyed LFL, BIM... I didn't care how she looked on it for the most part :/
  8. rate the tours

    1. Blond Ambition - There is a before and after perception of performance for concerts universally because of it. 2. MDNA - Madge as the femme fatale she was born to play. That opening!!! 3. Confessions - As smoothly perfect as the album ✨ 4. Drowned World Tour - Madonna THE Artist right in front of your eyes. The Paradise interlude might be her best ever. 5. Girlie Show - Madge at her most theatrical and raw yet. 6. Sticky & Sweet - My first time in Rio at the Maracanã... When Like a Prayer came on: mythology became flesh and blood. Borderline punk style was heaven. Give it to me was the best closing ever!
  9. M14 producers wishlist

    Well, her last hugely successful album was Confession. Hopefully she can get inspiration somewhere , find ONE solid and consistent producer and throw some Patrick Leonard magic + Joe Henry somewhere. And NO rappers please (I like some Nicki stuff on her albums but it is now a clichê). The market nowadays is global so if by example, latin people -who adore her- get into her groove, she will once again be heard and loved.
  10. Love don't live here anymore (Soulpower remix)

    Do you know if there is a remix of Inside of Me (Bedtime Stories) and/or Devil wouldn't recognize you?
  11. Was "Don't Stop" really that bad?

    I can't understand someone who picks Bedtime Story and does a superb work with it video and voice can bring herself to be associated with this uber crap 🤔
  12. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    :)) Heartbreak City remix by Sagi Kariv is the most played from Rebel Heart followed by Bitch I'm Madonna. Sorry (DJ Leahn) and Miles Away (Thomas Gold mash up) are staples at the bigger parties like Acquaplay (7 thousand +) always and on weekends the most perfectly shaped club: The Week, plays her constantly.
  13. Well... The Queen of Pop always had the attitude of a gansta rapper mixed with a rock vixen. No wonder these young girls look up to her. Having taught in The Bronx and Washington Heights makes me happy to see her success. Places where 4 Minutes, GAYL (remix) and TBGO were devoured by my 8th graders 😄