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  1. Madame X Playlist: I sometimes find the flow a little disruptive and wanted to incorporate the additional tracks. Made a playlist in this order and kinda like how it flows. Even on a loop there is a nice flow from I Rise back into into Dark Ballet. Give it a try.... or not ... Dark Ballet Killers Extreme Occident God Control Future Batuka Crave Crazy Come Alive Funana Medellin Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca Soltera Back That Up Ciao Bella I don't search I find Looking for Mercy I Rise Has anyone else made their own Madame X playlist? What's your best flow?
  2. Maybe a demo mix that changed. Doesn’t sound the same to me.
  3. Has to be a single, because it’s the one song that is blocked just about everywhere. They are policing this one.
  4. Yeah, this song sounds like she’s talking right to you, as if it’s a conversation set to music.
  5. But those long drawn out static notes aren’t in the song. Maybe just for the promo.
  6. I went to the far right Then I went to the far left I tried to recover my center of gravity I guess I’m lost, I had to pay the cost The thing that hurt me most, was that I wasn’t lost. I came from the midwest Then I went to the Far East I tried to discover my own identity I guess I’m lost, I paid a handsome cost The thing that hurt the most, was that I wasn’t lost I WASN’T LOST No, I wasn’t lost, it was a different feeling A mix of lucidity and craziness But I wasn’t lost, believe me I was right And I’ve got the right To choose my own life Like a full circle Life is a circle, life is a circle (repeated several times) Portuguese language verse: Aquilo que mais magoa (what hurt the most) E que eu nao estava perdida (was that I wasn’t lost) Aquilo que mais magoa (what hurt the most) E que eu nao estava perdida (was that I wasn’t lost)
  7. Does anyone know which track has the slow drawn out notes from the first Madame x teaser? I haven’t heard every song yet. I’m also wondering if the track from her instagram (estere doesn’t like the music) made it. ??
  8. Wait. What did I just hear? I oddly think this is my fav so far.
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