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  1. I call Bullshit! Some people are so full of shit! She should have said "Thank you Madonna, for giving me a platform for my voice to be heard again and for being an example champion for the cause."
  2. I’m so surprised! I’ve been wingeing about not having a visual album and I feel like that is exactly what we are getting! (Partially) but still massively exciting. Can’t wait to watch the full video!
  3. All I can say is WOW! I can’t remember the last time we had a Madonna album where every song makes an impression... and a good one! (Oh, I loved Rebel Heart too) Just saying this is a World Album not some cookie cutter pop album. These songs are mature with so many musical influences... probably the most experimental since RayOfLight. Fits perfectly in Madonna’s discography and my playlists! I Love it all!
  4. Not at all! That hypothisis is quite simplistic. Madonna is a revered artist & national treasure in the US. There are many reasons for Madonna's lack of traction in the US with the last 2 albums... these reasons have been widley discussed on this forum. She would never abandon the US market.
  5. @Rock Sorry for the late reply. Just catching up on my notifications and I see you quoted me. :-) My point was... Eurovision is not going to give Madonna's new album/single mass exposure in the USA should this be her first promo appearance. A few of the previous posters were concerned we would be waiting till May for new music to coincide with the Eurovision performance... I tend to believe we will get new music release sooner...and a performance of some sort on a program more widely broadcast (at least in the USA). To the other individuals quoting me... My comment was not a slight to Eurovision nor to the people on this forum who love & watch the contest (myself included!); still, Eurovision is just not a popular show in the US. As @Rock correctly mantioned, in the US you can stream it online or watch it on Logo! Some minor stations have picked it up in the past. Last few years, it has been on Logo which contains mostly LGBTQI+ programming. The diehard Madonna fan in the US already watch Logo and are going to watch the performance or stream anyway, the general population will miss this entirely. The viewing figures in the US on Logo just aren't significant https://eurovoix.com/2018/05/16/united-states-eurovision-viewing-figures-grow-on-logo-tv/ In Europe... It's a whole different story. The exposure from a performance on Eurovision will be a shrude and brilliant marketing move!
  6. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves in thinking we won’t get new music till May... Eurovision is not broadcast worldwide. I doubt Madonna would use the event to launch the Album worldwide and especially not for US markets. If the report is accurate the performance would be part of her Europe promo... she could even announce European tour dates at this event. I still have faith we’ll get a new single sooner.
  7. Her net worth have been roughly the same on Forbes for years! They have no clue what her net worth is unfortunately. One day, I'm sure Madonna will be forced to disclose.
  8. It's ironic.... The first show will be Montreal after all! Lol
  9. At first I thought! WTF... Then it dawned on me. We have sufficient notice to rearrange our schedules. Fact is most airlines allow ticketing changes for a minor change fee... Most hotels will honor a reservation change as well....and if you took time off work... Well it's still early to make a change request. Suck it up and stop complaining! At least the shows aren't cancelled outright!
  10. I'd love 'Crazy for You'. I know this wAs a joke skit but when Madonna sang 'dress you up with my love' on Ellen... She was seriously nearly on pitch and in key. All those all 'classics were Tailor made for her vocal range. Anyway... That's my hope. I really don't see her singing anything from RH.
  11. She knocked Adam Lambert from #1 on the trending chart! With one kiss! Lol
  12. Had no idea this was out until I checked iTunes today! Every day seems like I get some madonna surprise! I hadn't even heard these tracks before! So cool!
  13. Could it be that a video has already been shot? Or now working on the next? Last Friday we got snaps from mert. Captioned with Devil Pray. Can't imagine another photo shoot unless there is some product tie-in cross promotion? Anyone have any ideas? Judging by the press release on GT video I speculate Devil Pray as the next video single. I think we could be in for a treat with 4, 5 maybe 6 fab video releases during this era. I'm probably just having a late night wet dream here! Let's just hope we get a straight forward release next time... No foolery! In the meantime, I'm enjoying this fan-tactic ride & been streaming GT on repeat all day!
  14. Madonna left Michigan for a reason! Had she not!!! We wouldn't be having a conversation about Madonna at all nor had the pleasure of having Madonna in our lives for the past 30+ years! End of story!
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