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  1. Don't worry. I'm not going to argue anymore about this topic. I'm okay with my thoughts and what I've read from Lolo and DreamTheater. And I respect different opinions, Jazzyjan is one of my favourites in this forum.
  2. Guess what? There were also things in México like radio, magazines, tv programs and newspapers. But Madonna was projected to the world from United States. And Mtv was like the house of Madonna and many others. If any artist was good enough for Mtv, it was a good enough for the rest of the world. The same with Michael Jackson, he was already a national artist without Mtv, they didn't want to rotate videos of black artists. But It was until Mtv decided to include Michael Jackson videos in rotation that he became the mega worldwide universal super star. So Karbatal, I'm very sorry for your lack of knowledge and appreciation for Mtv.
  3. How old are you, honey? I was there in the 80's with Mtv and Madonna. In many countries, like Mexico, Mtv was the only option we had to see Madonna. Without Mtv, how? Madonna was exposed to people every day even if they didn't like her. I remember those epic all-Madonna weekend specials. In the 80's/90's there were entertainment moguls dictating what was cool, what would be the next best thing. Now with Youtube, everyone sees what they want to see, even if it's a ridiculous and untalented youtuber. There are millions of things to see, not only one TV-channel.
  4. Mtv had the power back then. I just remember the rise of grunge music and the fall of mainstream metal glam rock, it was orchestrated by Mtv. Another example, Mtv stopped to rotate Cyndi Lauper videos and her career was over. Mtv embraced Madonna totally. Madonna was Mtv and Mtv was Madonna. With youtube/internet is different, actually there are plenty of everything and the whole thing is tropicalized. I live in méxico and nothing is like in the 80's/90's. Now there are Rolling Stone Mexico, Vogue Mexico, Mtv Mexico, E! Mexico and so in every country. I'm pretty sure Madonna wouldn't have had the same UNIVERSAL impact in the internet era. Just look at Taylor Swift and all those girls stars of the moment like Selena Gomez, they are famous in USA but hardly they are WORLDWIDE acts like Madonna.
  5. Agree. Mtv had everything to do with Madonna being a GLOBAL superstar and longeve act. There was no escape. Youtube is democracy, Madonna woud have had huge success for 3/4 years and that's it.
  6. Great show but I don't think it's iconic. Blond Ambition is iconic.
  7. #worst (MUSIC) I like to singy singy singy (Like a bird) On a wingy wingy wingy I like to rhumba rhumba rhumba Dance to a samba samba samba ------------------ #Best (LIKE A PRAYER) It's funny that way, you can get used To the tears and the pain What a child will believe You never loved me You can't hurt me now I got away from you, I never thought I would You can't make me cry, you once had the power I never felt so good about myself
  8. I agree. Like a Virgin is an statement of the 80's. I guess younger people just don't get. =/
  9. wow! I loved the mix of Vogue - Like a Prayer - Rescue Me - Express yourself - Don't tell me The best megamix since the original. nah! those you posted are lame.