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  1. According to his passport, he's from Russia. And yes, a Madonna fan. His youtube channel was already deleted but he used to upload Madonna stuff.
  2. Russian neonazi sociopath Aleksei Viktorovich, who happens to be "MadonnAlextime" was almost lynched in cancun, mx. Does anyone know him? His youtube channel Facebook accounts https://www.facebook.com/MadonnAlextime https://www.facebook.com/makeevalex Ukrainian Youtuber and self proclaimed neo-nazi was today lynched by an angry mob in Cancun, México after he stabbed a young man A neo-Nazi, allegedly from Ukraine, had more than 20 videos on youtube insulting, hitting, pushing and assaulting children, women and men alike and the authorities never did anything. The subject is identified as Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev. He resides in Cancún and presumably works as a diving instructor at Aquaword. In Cancun more than 200 people besieged his house. Organized by social networks, a large group arrived at the man's house, the thing got out of control when he stabbed one of the people and all the angry mob began to throw stones and various objects. Some media in Cancun say that the he died and others say he was taken to hospital and still alive, but that he is seriously injured. As for the person who was injured with a knife, he is in the hospital, in very serious condition, because he lost too much blood.
  3. madmex

    George Michael thread

    I loved him so much. From twitter AIDS news daily ‏@AIDSnewsdaily Singer George Michael Succumbs to HIV/AIDS at 53 in London - Santa monica Observed http://dlvr.it/Myhkg2 Singer George Michael Succumbs to HIV/AIDS at 53, at Home in England Michael was infected with HIV by a Brazilian dancer who died of HIV in 1993 Singer George Michael has died, his publicist confirmed. The singer has long been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and died from its complications including pneumonia. In 1991, Michael began to date Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian dress designer, whom he had met at a concert in Rio. Six months into their relationship, Feleppa discovered that he had HIV. Michael later said: "It was terrifying news. I thought I could have the disease too. I couldn't go through it with my family because I didn't know how to share it with them – they didn't even know I was gay." In 1993, Feleppa died of an AIDS-related brain haemorrhage. It is possible that Feleppa was the source of the Singer's infection, and that Michael has fought the immuno-condition for more than 20 years. But Michael was also known to engage in anonymous sex in the 90's. In 2011, Michael tweeted: "I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER APOLOGISE FOR MY SEX LIFE ! GAY SEX IS NATURAL, GAY SEX IS GOOD! NOT EVERYBODY DOES IT, BUT.....HA HA!" Capitalization in original tweet, which quotes from one of his 1990's hits.
  4. madmex

    Garbage thread

    yeah! something like "Burning Up", pop rock + electronica, like Garbage "I Love New York" version rock is awesome
  5. madmex

    Garbage thread

    Since forever I want a Madonna rock album
  6. madmex

    Garbage thread

    the same here! Madonna should work with the productor of this album.
  7. madmex

    Garbage thread

    and the lyrics!
  8. madmex

    Garbage thread

    It's obviously not a band for you. Why do you even care? Go listen to Shakirra.
  9. madmex

    Garbage thread

    I think the same.
  10. madmex

    Garbage thread

    god, the album is a total grower. I hate when people say that they don't like it after a few listenings but then they come back to say that they love it now. Typical.
  11. That was very Courtney Love
  12. The problem are not the cameos, it's the way they were placed in the video, without creativity. They make the video look mediocre. The beyonce cameo is lazy, they should remove it for the vevo version.