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  1. It has to be that one, thanks for posting!
  2. here the rest of the story, Veronica Webb wrote about that. Btw, the book is free to read here. https://archive.org/details/veronicawebbsigh00webb There are many Madonna books to read there for free: https://archive.org/details/madonna00clar https://archive.org/details/madonnabook00king https://archive.org/details/madonnaintimateb00tara_1 https://archive.org/details/madonna362easyab00hall https://archive.org/details/lifewithmysister00cicc https://archive.org/details/madonna00chri https://archive.org/details/madonnaluckystar00mcke https://archive.org/details/madonnasuperstar00lage https://archive.org/details/madonnablondeamb00bego https://archive.org/details/madonnaconnectio00schw https://archive.org/details/madonnarevealedu00thom https://archive.org/details/madonna00dona
  3. Hi guys, I was reading the book of Veronica Webb, top model of the 80's and 90's, and she wrote interesting things about Madonna. I thought that you would like to read them. Later in the book
  4. She's doing and looking GREAT! She's very smart and, in fact, manipulative and ambitious. People shouldn't very surprised that she's still alive. Give her credit. She's a strong woman. Many men of her generation are already dead. Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Jeff Buckley, etc. Empire (TV Series) Revenge (TV Series) Menendez: Blood Brothers (TV Movie)
  5. Strange Love: The Story of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love September 1, 1992 11:28 am https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/03/love-story-of-kurt-cobain-courtney-love It is somehow appropriate that Madonna’s new company, Maverick, was the first to be interested in signing Courtney Love to a major record deal. In mid-1991, Guy Oseary, an enthusiastic nineteen-year-old who was working for Madonna and her manager, Freddy De Mann, at their then unnamed company, told his bosses about Hole. He also contacted Courtney’s lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, and Hole-mania began. “Courtney had been orchestrating this game plan from the beginning,” says Carroll. “She was always very aware of the business, of her place in the business.” Courtney claims she never wanted to sign with Maverick. “Freddy would have me riding on elephants,” she says. “They don’t know what I am. For them, I’m a visual, period.” Madonna’s presence worried her even more: she did not want to share the spotlight with the premier blonde goddess of the last decade. “Madonna’s interest in me was kind of like Dracula’s interest in his latest victim.” But Courtney, who is nothing if not shrewd, knew that one offer could spur other offers. Besides, she had another ace to play: by late ‘91 she was dating Kurt Cobain. When Hole went to England, she wasn’t shy about either Madonna’s interest or her new boyfriend. She gave lots of interviews and the notoriously fickle British music magazines, who adored her grunge-rock sound and her torn thirties tea dresses, proclaimed her their new genius. “The British tabloids called me ‘leggy’ and ‘stunning,’ ” she recalls. “The best article was about Madonna. It had a really big picture of me as a blonde and a really small picture of her as a brunette. I cut that one out.” For his part, Oseary, who saw Courtney and Hole as his private find, was shocked. “The stories in the English press went, ‘Madonna doesn’t have AIDS and she wants to sign Hole,’ ” he recalls, sounding rather exasperated. “From then on, it was ‘Madonna’s Hole,’ ‘Madonna’s Hole.’ Suddenly, we’re just one of the bidders. At Hole’s next show, thirteen A&R people were there!” So it began—the first-ever bidding war over an unsigned female band. (In the record business, independent labels are not considered contenders—until you’re on a major label you’re unsigned.) It wasn’t clear whether or not most of the bidders liked, or even knew, Hole’s music—it was the magic combination of Madonna’s interest, Kurt Cobain’s interest, and the strength of Courtney’s personality. In any case, Clive Davis, president of Arista Records, reportedly offered a million dollars to sign the band. Rick Rubin, head of Def American, was interested, but he and Courtney clashed when they met. She had similar difficulties with Jeff Ayeroff at Virgin. “Now, Kurt,” she exclaims, “is able to go into Capitol, go into a meeting, decide he doesn’t like it halfway through, walk out on the guys mid-sentence, and everyone goes, ‘There goes Kurt. He’s so moody. Nirvana’s great.’ But I go in and spend three hours with Jeff Ayeroff and tell him more about punk rock than he ever knew. I give him quality time, but, I’m sorry, I don’t want to be on his label and he gets a boner about it and calls me a bitch.” In the end, she signed with Gary Gersh at Geffen, the same label as Nirvana. “We didn’t make the deal because she is married to Kurt Cobain,” says Ed Rosenblatt. “But it is a little weird. Hole is a band who we happen to believe in and, oh, by the way, she’s married to...” Courtney’s deal, worth around a million dollars, is bigger and better than her husband’s. She and Carroll insisted on that. “I got excellent, excellent contractual things,” she boasts. “I made them pull out Nirvana’s contract, and everything on there, I wanted more. I’m up to half a million for my publishing rights and I’m still walking. If those sexist assholes want to think that me and Kurt write songs together, they can come forward with a little more.” She pauses. “No matter what label I’m on, I’m going to be his wife,” she says. “I’m enough of a person to transcend that.”
  6. Madonna RARE

    The source of all those polaroids is: http://www.marlenestewart.com/madonna
  7. If you could turn back time

    1989-1991 the peak and powerful years.
  8. Totally agree. 88 y 94 are so funny, that's the original Madonna.
  9. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    what! Courtney Love is still beautiful.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    you are right. It's just that the one in twitter was different than the one posted in instagram. Twitter :" Thank Goodness this lovely one is O'K. Lets all pray for the innocent victims. For their families and for Manchester " Instagram: "Thank Goodness my friend is O'K. 🙏🏻Lets all pray for the innocent victims who are not ok. For their families and for Manchester💘🙏🏻"
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    yes, she edited it.
  12. According to his passport, he's from Russia. And yes, a Madonna fan. His youtube channel was already deleted but he used to upload Madonna stuff.
  13. Russian neonazi sociopath Aleksei Viktorovich, who happens to be "MadonnAlextime" was almost lynched in cancun, mx. Does anyone know him? His youtube channel Facebook accounts https://www.facebook.com/MadonnAlextime https://www.facebook.com/makeevalex Ukrainian Youtuber and self proclaimed neo-nazi was today lynched by an angry mob in Cancun, México after he stabbed a young man A neo-Nazi, allegedly from Ukraine, had more than 20 videos on youtube insulting, hitting, pushing and assaulting children, women and men alike and the authorities never did anything. The subject is identified as Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev. He resides in Cancún and presumably works as a diving instructor at Aquaword. In Cancun more than 200 people besieged his house. Organized by social networks, a large group arrived at the man's house, the thing got out of control when he stabbed one of the people and all the angry mob began to throw stones and various objects. Some media in Cancun say that the he died and others say he was taken to hospital and still alive, but that he is seriously injured. As for the person who was injured with a knife, he is in the hospital, in very serious condition, because he lost too much blood.