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  1. Mlvcfan

    rate the tours

    1. Re-Invention Tour ( saw 5 shows 1 in Pit and that was soooo awesome, so Close, my god I could've touched her PERFECT porcelain smooth Leg, never seen another like it.... Perfection, so tempting) 2. The Confessions Tour (4 shows all within first couple rows in various sections, Final show I sat next to Steven Tyler center mini stage. Madonna winked at him upon exiting the crystal ball I like to think it was really me she winked at tho, so amazing) 3. Blond Ambition Tour ( Argh she cancelled on me but I forgive her) 4. The Girlie Show Tour ( I Drove a Loooong way to get there cause wasn't going to miss out yet again. My very first show and I saw her up close in Montreal still remember that adrenaline Rush as I approached the stage and the fact that I was absolutely AWE struck like I never had been before, It was quite the emotional experience to be that close to HER for the first time) 5. The Virgin Tour (Missed out Venue was over 2 hours away and i couldn't drive yet, still mad no one would drive me there) 6. Rebel Heart Tour ( 2nd row center mini stage Boston so amazing) 7. Who's That Girl Tour ( I was in LA when she was in Foxboro MA then I was in Boston when she was in Anaheim, dammit if I planned it better I could have seen both) 8. Drowned World Tour ( Row 6 then on night 2 on the side of stage in production seat, it was like my own front row seat all alone :) ) 9. Sticky and Sweet Tour (Both Nights Boston great seats) 10. MDNA Tour (Boston 1 night 2nd row side of stage it was My Daughters 1st concert) 15 Glorious Shows attended, I vividly Remember and Love them all. will we get an 11th Tour to add to this list?
  2. Mlvcfan

    Which tours have you seen live?

    All Since GS Couldn't get transportation to VT I Sadly Was in LA when she was in Boston and was in Boston when she was in LA for WTG (Had Tix to Boston/ Foxborough) My BA show got Cancelled every show since multiple times each The invention of the Internet really made it easier to get info on upcoming shows, transportation and Tickets Yay Internet
  3. Mlvcfan

    The Next Tour?

    NextVR teams up with Live Nation to broadcast concerts in virtual reality http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/4/11589814/nextvr-live-nation-gear-vr-music-gigs this could be a lot of fun, on stage, back stag, preshow, almost endless possibilities
  4. Uploading now, Just for you. never done this before so I will see if I can figure out how to share a link https://mega.nz/#!RcAQwADJ!bvKHwUs47gz-V83gWkLyXN_dzfr8YEnOQrfXCrzmH98
  5. No question Virgin Tour Opening night
  6. Mlvcfan

    PARIS - 9 December thread #1

    I think You have your DVD Show In Paris
  7. I have to say the times I have seen 3 or 4 shows of the same tour I have really had enough and would have been satisfied at 2. I always get Great close seats and always pick different areas so I am not in the same view every show. I Have snuck into Production seats a few times and had great view and lot of fun. I have won twice 1 RIT and 1 Sticky Sweet. when I won for the RIT Pit I followed the VH1 Rules for entry at 1 per day. when I showed up for the show there was more than 1 person going to their 2nd or 3rd time winning Pit Tix. I asked how and they said he just sent in tons of entries every day and kept winning. the rules were only 1 entry per day and you could only win once but in reality VH1 ignored their own rule and allowed it. so those of us who actually followed the rules were really lucky I guess. and then there was this old woman who barely even knew who Madonna was, believe it or not. she said she enters every contest she see's all day and doesn't do much else with her life and wins a lot of random stuff as a result. kinda a wasted pit Ticket IMO.
  8. Can't wait to hear tomorrow the actual set list and what went on. I want to avoid spoilers but at the same time i want to know what to expect at different points in the show. I usually see multiple shows and pick different sections at each so I don't end up seeing the same show from the same vantage point. so far this time I am only going to 1 and I picked square in middle looking down the center of the heart Stage. I hope I chose wisely. In Confessions that is where she opened the show from the Swarovski Crystal Ball and it was Amazing.
  9. Mlvcfan

    Best tour FACE!!!

    agree 100% with this although I picked Confessions since I got withing inches of her Face as she popped through the hand rail on the side I think during Sorry and it was FLAWLESS, STUNNING, Absolutely PERFECT. could have kissed her right on the lips, still makes me smile to think about
  10. Wow, it's been a while since I sat down and watched this show, Maybe I will watch a couple over the weekend. Nice I believe was broadcast Live on HBO and for a very long time the VHS copy I made was all that I had. I really like the Yokohama version, that was the Laser disk one I think. have listened to all the those audio versions and it's Yokohama/Dallas toss up for me. would have been my first live show ever but final Worcester show got cancelled due to her voice. I was mad at first then I saw how legit it was when I saw Truth or Dare.
  11. Mlvcfan

    NYC Sept. 16

    I am right there with you cruncher. they could make it clear if they wanted. knowing which isle seat 1 vs seat 15 is on is a big deal to me. nothing worse than thinking you are right next to the catwalk only to find out you are 15 or so seats away. talk about a let down.
  12. Mlvcfan

    NYC Sept. 16

    Everything Jamesy has said has been 100% right on the money. For DWT I remember that the Icon presale was limited to a section on the Floor but in the back corner. they all sat together and strained to see because they were misled IMO and panicked into buying the Icon members only seats in presale. DWT was an easy one to panic ppl since it had felt like forever since Girlie show. the Various presales since still aren't the Best seats money can that's for sure. Once I bought VIP and it was terrible. $800 each and I Sat next to a couple who paid Face value ticketmaster in General sales ($350) and the pre show Party was a small room and served Cheeze and crackers with juice it was a Joke. the special Gift was nothing special. I have gotten better seats on day of show through Ticketmaster and from General sales Both.