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  1. I haven't read any of the comments yet cause I didn't want to be influenced by any. My first reaction to Crave is I freaking LOVE it . Listened 3 times just to be sure lol. I feel like it's the best of the 3 released so far. Madamex is going to be Great.
  2. US release of the Box set seems unlikely at this point so to make sure I have it I ordered it from UK Amazon. it says that delivery to the US is available and my US account credentials worked just fine. It listed as £70.00 but upon check out it was only £53.00 and 2 day overseas shipping brought it back to 70. well worth it and now I can stop checking if it's available. I can get the Target exclusive in store so I'm not pre-ordering.
  3. Horn I hadn't even thought of this. it makes so much sense, I think you hit the nail on the head right there, brilliant!
  4. Madonna.com store is driving me crazy. a month ago I ordered 30th anniversary LAP merch after not being able to log in with my credentials. I had to create a new user after password recovery couldn't find my email in the system and then was told that user already existed. well which is it omg. then Today I try to buy Madame X Merch and the same thing happens so back to creating yet another log in. it seems like there are 2 stores on Madonna.com both say powered by Live Nation but the LAP Merch confirmation email a month ago was from fanfire and the Madame X merch today was from Madonna@Inmerch.com. they couldn't make it more confusing or difficult to make a purchase if they tried. I don't get why my ICON credentials Never seem to work. never-mind the fact that the Box set only being available in some like UK but not others like the US. if you aren't offering it everywhere how hard is it to make a note on the site explaining what will and will Not be available because they gotta know that fans are going to notice and want to know whats going on. also how bout an accurate track listing for each edition. I hesitate to buy cause I'm unsure what is going on with all the different editions of Madame X.
  5. sorry but the store in general continues to disappoint. how about just some basic info on things like the blanket and scarf? what size is each? the necklace looks like a cartoon drawing but what does a photo of it actually look like? No Box Set in the US store? how hard is it to include everything all at once?
  6. Thanks, I love her voice so much that it's nice to have it like this as an alternative version
  7. the madonna uk store is letting me buy and internationally ship the box set if i want but i might wait a bit and see if it shows on the US side
  8. Very Emotional indeed, I was right there in Boston Dead Center of the Heart. This video is almost exactly how I saw it.I was so emotional I couldn't get the best pictures my hand was shaking so bad + I just wanted to soak it all in. sometimes those moments feel like they last for a loooong time but when you go back and see it on Video it is over so quickly. I can honestly say that more than a few times being right up close to her "Time Stood Still" For me the Most emotional performance of LAV was Confessions Tour. I sat on the corner Railing Production seats. there was No one between me and Her I could have almost reached out and touched her as the saddle went round and round. that experience still gives me goose bumps.
  9. Just walked into a CVS and they had 2 on the rack. I took Both
  10. Living for Love Header video is Amazing. Great Job The Video is embedded from Vevo/youtube? Impressive looking, Love it
  11. Uploading now, Just for you. never done this before so I will see if I can figure out how to share a link https://mega.nz/#!RcAQwADJ!bvKHwUs47gz-V83gWkLyXN_dzfr8YEnOQrfXCrzmH98
  12. No question Virgin Tour Opening night
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