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  1. Omg.. there's that witch Sheryl Crow in the top left corner trying to get a peek at Madonna.. lol
  2. Just beautiful! I remember the first time I heard Ghosttown on Youtube when the first 6 songs were released. It felt immediately familiar and comforting. It's hard to believe it never got the recognition it deserved.
  3. Million Treasons... just let it die already.
  4. The first words Rosanna Arquette's character says in the movie is "Beautiful Stranger". I wonder if that's where Madonna got the name for the song?
  5. I heard this glorious version on the radio today. All I can say is that it's like having an orgasm in church! 😇
  6. I remember seeing this live on MTV when it aired in 1989. I was completely off struck. It was actually my first VMA's and I had no idea M was performing. When I heard the beginning instrumentation, I new it was Express Yourself. I watched this performance over and over on VHS. I still probably have the tape. I'm so happy we have it on YouTube to watch anytime we need a little inspiration.
  7. yeah!

    I loved it from the first second I heard it back in 2000. It's such a unique song that no one can ever replicate. And the remixes are life!
  8. She sounds so good on VT Borderline. At times it does sound like she's on helium haha.
  9. I love how they dismissed Madonna, a successful female pop icon, and then went on to promote "An Evening with Women" as if they support women in music. These women are so stupid. Billboard chose Madonna to honor Prince because she is the Queen of Pop. Simple as that.
  10. Christmas Day 1990. My older sister bought the cassette tape for me. I told her it's the only thing I wanted for Christmas that year. I probably listened to a million times. I still have it.
  11. OMG!!!Thats gross! And I don't mean the song!
  12. They have the same picture of Marlon on both covers.
  13. Poor Wendy. He's such an arrogant bitch. Has he had the surgery yet?
  14. I clearly remember Robert Kardashian during the whole OJ murder coverage in 94/95. The only reason I remember him is because of his unusual last name. Plus he was good looking 😉 to me. When Kim started to become infamous, again it was her last name which made me put two and two together that she was Robert K's daughter.