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  1. madfan74


    Who is Migos? Celebrities these days.. 😳
  2. madfan74

    George Michael thread

    I have his playlist on Spotify that I listen to quite often. His voice is very comforting and speaks the words that I cannot express. Freedom 90 is one of my all time favorite songs. RIP
  3. madfan74

    Prince Dead at 57

    Are true musical genius in every sense.... I'm devastated.. I grew up listening to his art. 😢
  4. I clearly remember Robert Kardashian during the whole OJ murder coverage in 94/95. The only reason I remember him is because of his unusual last name. Plus he was good looking 😉 to me. When Kim started to become infamous, again it was her last name which made me put two and two together that she was Robert K's daughter.