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  1. Beautiful and impressive instrumental, album highlight ....
  2. Catchy track, summer broken, great great great, favorite for me
  3. Wonderful ethereal and melodic hyperballad, love it
  4. GC & IDSIF have «good listening» and serious growers for me but, they are so much experimental so far away of dance pop stereotypes, some feel like remixes, not easy to understand for general public in terms of radio friendly like Impressive Instant could be. After several listenings think, Other songs like Medellín, Crave, Future, I Rise, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I,m Loca, Crazy have a lot more oportunities to climb into the public, in my opinion. LOVE MADAMEX LOVE MADONNA
  5. 8 hours until listen here, soooooo crazy, need it now...
  6. Ok, hope track by track reviews are coming soon, really would love that!!!!!!! Pleassse
  7. i only can say: lllllloooooveee that song! so catchy and summer beat!!! really impressive with that!!
  8. Not in love at the first listen, but a grower of course, song ok, good for close the album, Medellín is clearly superior! But well, good song at all.
  9. love love too much!!!! grower and grower with beautiful Madonna voice!!!
  10. Some kind of info about if she's going to sing in spanish??? Could be leak the lyrics, almost.....
  11. Why the hours are going soooo slowly?? Love the whple thing but... i want my song NOWWWW, become crazy....
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