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  1. living for love wwwooowww love the remix and the choreo fucking perfect ending moving!!!!!!!!
  2. really love Alone With You snippet!!! clearly good song!!! too with Trust No Bitch Chorus!!!!!
  3. i don´t know that´s my question, i found that in twitter
  4. what do you think about that!!! this is happening in billboard + twitter trending songs: http://realtime.billboard.com/?chart=trending140
  5. Hello all of you!!! somebody could post a deep review from all of info we already have about the recording sessions??? i know the first post of this thread but i´m looking for somethin more big, songs, producers, songs descriptions , writters, rumours, etc, time line, a recap of all of info until now! only if somebody could!!! thank you folks!!! long journey to this album!!!
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