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  1. I'm ready for anything new from M: music, single or album, remix, book, movie (director or actress), dvd, advert .... A N Y T H I N G will be alright !!!!
  2. Rebel heart is so much better than BIM...and so 'madonna cool sound and voice'... RH is one of my all time favorite song from M
  3. yeah agree with you. Hold tight immediately made me think of Baby don' t lie!!! Both tracks are good and quite the same ....
  4. Hey! don't be so rude. I have been a fin since 1987 ok? I am just dissapointed that views don't generate sales. And angry that young crap singers sell more records than my only idol.....
  5. I agree. Stop complaining. Remixes are out and video is coming.Enjoy !
  6. Living for love Rebel heart Joan of Arc Heartbreak city Messiah
  7. uhhh... who is Drake??? is he even known outside US??? has he ever had one hit in Europe?
  8. such a great remix for a song which is one of my all time favourite!
  9. I disagree. It's one of her worst song ever, in my opinion....silly lyrics, crazy music
  10. To add: promo french double cd (9 tracks from the album + LFL remixes). Paid much (190 euros) but it is limited to 200 copies in the world
  11. What I've bought so far: LFL: uk 4 track cd + german 2 tracks cd + remixes Itunes+ US promo cd 9 tracks RH: Deluxe Itunes + French fnac edition cd + german standard (with bonus) + japan super deluxe + taiwan deluxe cd + European vinyl + french super deluxe for my boyF
  12. the same for me plus Devil PRay and Iconic! Don't like urban songs like Sex, Veni vidi vici, Bitch i.m M......
  13. It should have been the lead single in my opinion: pure pop song and not too many commercial ala LFL (which I really love but too dance for mainstrean...)
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