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  1. Fergie thread

    Fergie is just one hit wonder. She's nothing without Black Eyed Peas!
  2. More tour rumours

    https://live-arena.com/madonna-tournee-francaise-de-madone-debarquera-bientot/ official site of Arena Paris..
  3. What about: Vanessa Paradis???

    Vanessa has been a star in France since she was 14 YO with her single Joe le taxi, followed by many other hit singles her (Marilyn & John, Maxon, Tandem, Be my baby etc). She won an award for best role in the movie drama 'noce blanche' in 1990. She played with Gerard Depardieu in 1994 in the hit movie 'Elisa', with Jeanne Moreau in 'Un amour de sorcière'. She both succeeded in music and movie. She's also 'égérie' for Chanel. A real French star I adore.
  4. Physical attraction Gambler Angel Bad girl Rescue me
  5. The video is cool but song is real shit.!!!
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    On the first week, but the following??
  7. See her: http://www.news-of-madonna.com/Ready-for-the-Rebel-Heart-Tour-DVD_a913.html
  8. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    We never get such bonus on her dvds What about Frozen from S&ST 2009?? 😡😡😡😡
  9. What's this list of hits on the poster? candy shop and SEX? LOL
  10. GS instead of In this boring life
  11. In which tours should M have sung Dear Jessie?

    BAT right after Cherish