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  1. Thank you <3 Yes, my mother is so scared for my safety and she urges me to relocate for now because she was sure that police would protect me from treaths i was getting. Now I'm somewhere in-between. Thank you once more, it means EVERYTHING! Thank you all, my friend just said to me that my name is derived from Nike (Greek Goddess Of Victory) so it should mean something
  2. That is so sad, having great time with your boyfriend and than being beaten just for being you. There is a long way to fight. Today I was first time outside by myself, it was scary as shit but I survived. They want us to crawl under the rock, well that ain't gonna happen (oh my, this sedatives are really good). Our rights are not given to us, we need to take them. When I say our, I mean for every marginalised group.
  3. Well, even Madonna used a snippet from the video of first pride parade in Belgrade (Serbia) in Nobody Knows Me backdrop for MDNA tour (at 1:39 ). That pride was violently attacked by neo-nazis and hooligans. In Bosnia we had first unofficial pride last year.Just a few months ago this happened in the hallway leading to my office : It means kill the faggot.
  4. Yes. They have breached European Convention of Human Rights, Constitution a several laws.
  5. Thank you all so much. I'm not a needy person in general but now every bit of support is great. Luckily M has made many empowerment anthems. I've got great legal team, and I hope this will learn them a lesson.
  6. So, this is my first topic ever on this forum. I would love if it was something more pleasant but here I am. I will share my story, because maybe someone will be interested and I can't sleep right now. For last few years I was very outspoken about reconciliation, peace activism, war crimes and war victims, I am also out gay man in this homophobic asshole of Europe. I was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Yugoslavia when I was born in 1989.) in small town Prijedor (38 persons from my town were convicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Hague) and i still live there/here. War in my country was really complicated so if someone is interested you should google it. Anyway, in my town more than 50 000 people were in the concentration camps, more than 3200 were killed (102 of them were children). It all happened from 1992-1995. but mostly in 1992. In Bosnia there are 3 major ethnic groups: Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs, Basically the same people divided by religion, Bosniaks are Muslim, Croats Catholics and Serbs are Eastern Orthodox. In Prijedor non-Serbs were killed, Because of my name I'm percieved as Serb, although I don't consider myself anything but human (I have many identities but not any of them is ethnic related). With few of my friends I started The White Armband Day campaign (if interested in it: Google ) to raise awareness for non-Serb victims, comemorate and change divided society. Because I'm percieved as Serb most of the people in my town, and Serb part of the country saw me as traitor. I was threatened by neo-nazis, hooligans, basic peasants basically. Bur slowly things changed. We are still waiting for at least one memorial for non-Serbs though. Long story short, few days ago I was at my friends place (we watchet Confessions tour, they are not Madonna stans but respect and admire her and drank wine) and at one point police patrol came to the door, asked us all to leave and they were really rude. I entered into elevator(lift) and said: Our government is corrupt and criminal but they are harassing us like this. At that moment one police officer grabbed me for my face and started to beat me with police bat, than he and other officer took me for my hands, and dragged me down 10 flights of stairs, showed me in police car and continued to beat me. (Oh my, this is a long story, sorry) They took me to the police station, humiliated me because i cant see well and wear glasses, said i was smartass and fined me 600 KM (Bosnian currency, around 300 euros) for breaking public peace and order (hahaha), torture continued for maybe one hour. Than I was dragged literally to the solitary confinement, where I was until morning. In the morning Chief officer tried to fix the damage because he was aware of the public attention this would get. I said that I will sue. My face was all covered in blood and they said I need to wash it if I want to go home, they also denied me one call I'm entitled to by law. I'm still in state of acute stress and on medication for it, I'm also on painkillers. So I'm really sorry for my bad grammar, I did not proofread anything. Funny fact: while I was in confinement i sang Human Nature and yelled: I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me (I was in shock lol). Did you ever experienced something like this? I had to look for psyhiatric care and I feel really anxious. Any advice is welcomed. And I will sue the shit out of them, even if this is the most corrupt country in Europe. Sorry for my long post, maybe its unnecessary, I don't know.
  7. My close relatives are living in Munich, they are all safe fortunately. I love that city so much, we are all swimming in massive pile of shit as a Civilization right now but I am somewhat optimistic, things will change, they must, its the law. Its dialectical.
  8. Its almost a rule in Post-socialist countries.
  9. Heaven is a masterpiece! Amazing songs, amazing era, amazing Queen.
  10. I love it more and more everyday, 10 months after I heard it first time. Amazing song, amazing album. She reigns supreme.
  11. I just realised how much i love this song, this is one amazing album. DP could be good choice for 4th single, i've seen a lot of my younger fb friends (not Madonna fans, even one little monster) sharing and commenting how good it is (audio version) and they all are 18-23 yo.
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