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  1. This picture is very graphic. So very sad.
  2. It's been excruciatingly heartbreaking. American firies have come to help. Our ADF have been deployed to help in any way required including evacuating people by ship. Currently everyone has been accounted for. A father and son were found perished in their car trying to escape and another death was from cardiac arrest. Sadly the figure being thrown around is about half a billion animals dead. Not only is it our wildlife but all the livestock. Friday alone, one animal rescue centre received 20,000 phone calls. The devastation continues and its expected to continue for another 8 weeks. Sorry for the graphic nature of the pics. The red photo is about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
  3. I assume it is Madonna...they've just manipulated her voice..as Mirwais likes to do
  4. Going back to this, which I play a lot. Lyrically it has to be some of the most pained lyrics she has written, along side Be Careful demo. Is it really love if it hurts?Is it really pain if it's inside?...........................the way her tone goes down when she says a breathy 'side' On the outside, I'm strongHold my hand, please sympathize Is it really faith if I'm weak?Can you tell the truth when you live lies?I'm just looking for the signsHold my hand, please sympathize Flawed, flawed by design, yeahPlease, please sympathize
  5. Could you elaborate on what is a most Madonna song? What qualities do you look for? Her albums are so diverse that I find it hard to say what IS a typical Madonna song.
  6. I don't hear this at all. She is singing in many vocal styles, so it's maybe just new and unusual. I love the newness of it. Agreed!
  7. I've seen many things like that on ebay.....you soon learn to distinguish which is real and which is not
  8. Most likely gonna flog it all off at the Tour.
  9. I think her new PR team are silencing her as much as possible. They would rather her say nothing than defend her after. Obviously they are not a good PR team otherwise she could speak freely.
  10. I never listen to the demo. So, I actually like this new version! It's dirty and hard.
  11. I'm the same. I don't hate it. But it's just ok. I guess I'm just not very gay! It's a mediocre version of Vogue/Rescue Me.
  12. The GLAAD awards comment was hilarious! She's very aware of him, especially because he is good mates with Anderson Cooper. I'd say they've met on many occasions at a guess. But he is just a bitchy queen that loves sensationalism and gossip, which is a very unflattering and grotesque.
  13. Based on that insta post people think they're dating... People read into nothing these days.
  14. I will scream blue murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. They count because they are also her vision!
  16. My mate got the clear vinyl and it has 2 disc 1's! No disc 2. I haven't opened mine to check.
  17. I know someone who will probably become friends with her now
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