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  1. This is a fanmade video Using RHT footage & remastered audio....by M-Dolla I think at Infinity. It's in the style of the RH DVD, black and white. It's a really awesome alternative to not having it at all. https://mega.nz/#!9RF3wBBR!mIWVLBVPm3TDQsfVJYk5h7SutTWxCuFflvRQzcQ1lYo
  2. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Is that Gaga in the last of the series of photos?
  3. She's wearing Sonja's ashes around her neck! OMG! That's just too weird......seriously!
  4. Ugh! I just got a message from someone on Insta. I had mentioned that Madonna didn't call Gags reductive, it was in reference to the copying. This message from I assume a Madonna Fan as he has Rebel Heart in his profile said "I watched the interview with Madonna when she was asked what she thought of Lady Gaga and Madonna replied with her own mouth she's reductive. If you want me to share the link with you just say some when I will share with you" So of course I had to repeat myself and explain......
  5. I just don't know how you can be the 'producer' of something you've 'never seen'!
  6. Botox is actually good for chronic pain. A friend of mine has it about 3 times a year.
  7. Reductive was January 2012. They were last photographed together in 2015 at Met Gala (?).....so did Gaga say something to Madonna's face then!? No. January 2017 at the Brooklyn Museum, Madonna said there is no feud between her and Gaga..... .......so basically she's trying to stir shit. Period. .......and in regards to her coming down from the roof in the SuperBowl.....Madonna wanted drummers coming down from the roof, but wasn't allowed, so.......
  8. Isnt it odd she used a teleprompter with the lyrics to her songs on it!
  9. It's very telling that on the BTW tour she says "you know what I hate more than money....the truth, I'd rather a dose of bullshit over the truth" Seems she's living by that.
  10. M14 producers wishlist

    Zhu would actually suit her voice. I'd love something like Sirens of the Sea by Oceanlab. It's a great album.....but it is of course produced by Above & Beyond. But a completely unknown producer would suit me fine.
  11. He also says he wants to be raped while listening to Till It Happens To You
  12. Have you seen the Drowned World Tour?
  13. Who the f%#k is Charlotte?
  14. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Holy Hell! First one looks like Geri Halliwell!!