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  1. ITG


    One of my all time favs... This live version is bloody awesome! Power Ballad? But I adore victims!
  2. ITG

    Laura Branigan thread

    Love Laura! I just feel sad when I think of her. She became recluse after her husband died. Had rave reviews for stage in Love, Janis. Tragic short life, but wonderful singer.
  3. Don't tell me he's won?!?!
  4. Was an awesome show. So much energy in the Arena! This speech was one of my favs. I especially love it when she say's Melbourne properly "Melbin". Also the possibility of her coming back in a few years! Fuck Fuck Fuck Yeah!
  5. It was produced by a different team, that's why it wasn't mentioned in the article. This is a few segments from the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne - "Melbourne showman Scott Maidment has a friend and colleague in Madonna. The queen of pop saw his last 2 shows in London & loved them so much she invited him to work with her on her Rebel Heart Tour. He obliged, naturally, & flew to New York to create one of the numbers, Illuminati, for her concert. Maidment is the creative brain behind Strut & Fret, the company responsible for a parade of acclaimed shows, including those seen by Madonna, Cantina and Limbo. Strut & Fret specialises in circus-cabaret entertainment - the jaw dropping kind with audiences right up close to the action for the added wow. The company's philosophy is this: "We believe artistic experiences should be breathtaking, heart-gripping, unforgettable and entertaining."
  6. Amaaaaazing! I loved the video! Your moment with M, you bloody legend!
  7. Virgin Tour opening night definitely. Where it all began. And to see it in full.
  8. I think Dress You Up will get the guitar treatment
  9. My only issue is the variation in volume of songs. I play it at work all the time, one song will be quiet & then 'bam' the next is friggin loud! Otherwise I love this album & especially her vocals. I think not doing too many vocal takes is a good idea because you can start to lose the emotion.
  10. This. My eyes goes all over the place trying to focus on some parts.
  11. When I did my playlist, this was the first track. It's one of my most played RH tracks.
  12. I don't mind if he does videos....just not photographs - ugh!
  13. ITG

    Tour rumours/preparations

    Ho hum.....Oy vey!