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  1. Choosing a song I already love is hard. But M has done some awesome covers. Might be a little obscure but I'd love her to do either Running Up That Hill or Man With A Child In His Eyes by Kate Bush.
  2. YouTube reaction videos

    See what too much drugs and alcohol does to your memory
  3. It's spectacularly beautiful! So emotive *sigh*
  4. She's fearless and tireless! She has perfect fluidity! ......this is my guilty pleasure....dancing with the tamborine....and the big smile when she's dancing........god I love her!
  5. Album Titles...

    Was thinking the same.....
  6. Love it too. The album should've opened with Borrowed Time.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Latex suit is really tight and cutting off circulation to her brain As per usual, she's moving forward, concentrating on the current project.....I'm living for Dita at nearly 60
  8. Pre Fame Demos

    I think Ain't No Big Deal was initially considered to be her first single, but was scrapped from the album completely.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    .....and I'm admiring yours
  10. She's even had Tina Arena over at her house cooking....Lol!
  11. YouTube reaction videos

    Has he seen the Sooner or Later performance?
  12. The GIF thread

  13. The GIF thread