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  1. My only issue is the variation in volume of songs. I play it at work all the time, one song will be quiet & then 'bam' the next is friggin loud! Otherwise I love this album & especially her vocals. I think not doing too many vocal takes is a good idea because you can start to lose the emotion.
  2. When I did my playlist, this was the first track. It's one of my most played RH tracks.
  3. The new teaser - the choreography, it reminds me of Like A Virgin Blond Ambition Tour! Yes!!!!!
  4. Correct - it's a Madonna record, not an Aviici record. And wasn't it Guy O' that suggested she work with Aviici? I don't think Aviici is dissing her, typical print media causing a stir!
  5. Lol! That's hilarious! I don't hear that at all.
  6. I'm still singing "and I still feel shitty" at the end every time!
  7. I didn't like this song during the leaks, but the album version......oh my....it's delightfully delicious! It's soft & sexy! This & Best Night match beautifully!
  8. Cutest performance of DYU! Good to see her have fun!
  9. This is one song that I never really listened to, but listening to the CD, the quality being amazing, I now actually love this song. You don't really get how much production & mastering & quality make a difference to the sound of a song. I think Body Shop & Best Night are very sexy songs, much sexier than Holy Water.
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