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  1. This picture is very graphic. So very sad.
  2. It's been excruciatingly heartbreaking. American firies have come to help. Our ADF have been deployed to help in any way required including evacuating people by ship. Currently everyone has been accounted for. A father and son were found perished in their car trying to escape and another death was from cardiac arrest. Sadly the figure being thrown around is about half a billion animals dead. Not only is it our wildlife but all the livestock. Friday alone, one animal rescue centre received 20,000 phone calls. The devastation continues and its expected to continue for another 8 weeks. Sorry for the graphic nature of the pics. The red photo is about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
  3. My only issue is the variation in volume of songs. I play it at work all the time, one song will be quiet & then 'bam' the next is friggin loud! Otherwise I love this album & especially her vocals. I think not doing too many vocal takes is a good idea because you can start to lose the emotion.
  4. When I did my playlist, this was the first track. It's one of my most played RH tracks.
  5. The new teaser - the choreography, it reminds me of Like A Virgin Blond Ambition Tour! Yes!!!!!
  6. Correct - it's a Madonna record, not an Aviici record. And wasn't it Guy O' that suggested she work with Aviici? I don't think Aviici is dissing her, typical print media causing a stir!
  7. Lol! That's hilarious! I don't hear that at all.
  8. I'm still singing "and I still feel shitty" at the end every time!
  9. I didn't like this song during the leaks, but the album version......oh my....it's delightfully delicious! It's soft & sexy! This & Best Night match beautifully!
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