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  1. What a wonderful speech! She's such a liar! Maybe she should take her own advice! Lol!
  2. Comes in at number 2! Some of the comments Why is this creature not #1 on this list?M The ugliest thing on the planet!M She is so ugly I can't even look at her. I turn the channel Disgusting saggy tits. If you see her without makeup, you will throw upM I find her very unattractive.. I think she's "handsome", like a man.M Certainly don't see anything likable about her appearance.M Pretty much definition of ugly.M+1 she is beautiful with makeup, but without... oh my god she's ugly
  3. For one of the "biggest stars in the world", there are not many people there.
  4. I think she looks beautiful.
  5. That's offensive! Lol!
  6. How long was her "longtime" friendship?
  8. NOOOOOO!!!!! Are they really using photo's of the dead aunt?
  9. Really! Did they have to have the bit where a dog gets ran over?!? Ugh!
  10. It was a pretty good energetic performance, but she's just sloppy. You can give it your all without looking like a dog rolling down a hill, she needs to tone it down & learn some grace.
  11. Lol! Is that one of the Muppets?