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  1. How long was her "longtime" friendship?
  2. Messi is way better. Ronaldo way hotter, lol
  3. Totally! We always had magazine & newspaper promos or reviews before the albums were released....and without fail her release dates were always pushed back (in Australia anyway), so when I went to the record store I was always so disappointed. That being said, I loved the days of finishing school, going home, jumping on my bike and racing down the street peddling like a mad fucker to get her new releases. There was a certain feeling you got which does not compete with the digital age which is sad.
  4. I don't think he's being shady. He's just saying honestly what he thought at the time......then his lead role in a movie became a Madonna movie and she was in it for 2 minutes
  5. Agree 10000000000000000000% When both songs were released I didn't understand why Madonna wasn't singing on either. And for me it was about Madonna's absence more than who performed on it. She can't sing!?! Yet we hear Bruce sounds constipated (I do love Bruce), Willie Nelson & Bob Dillon....not great singers. But as per usual....she showed them.....with all her achievements and huge career. She's the Queen! I actually felt sad hearing she was so heartbroken.
  7. NOOOOOO!!!!! Are they really using photo's of the dead aunt?
  8. Is she though? It's quite possible in terms of assets included, but maybe she isn't as she is putting her money to good use in charity.
  9. Madonna singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina would be hilarious!
  10. We have forgotten our public manners.......obviously you forgot yours slagging off Madonna publicly bitch!
  11. Obviously unofficial! Why are people buying it!?! M is gonna be so pissed!! Needs to be reported!
  12. Stephen Bray has the only demo of Express Yourself. He says he likes it better than what was eventually recorded.