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  1. They were gonna produce her Ray Of light album, but the timing was wrong as they just released their own album and needed to promote it.
  2. I was sceptical about the doco but after watching it, it all starts to make sense. Has anyone else seen the Netflix doco Abducted In Plain Sight? It really shows how people can be easily groomed and manipulated. Just went you think it can't get worse, you continually have these WTF! are they doing moments. In fact I think it will help people understand.
  3. ITG


    One of my all time favs... This live version is bloody awesome! Power Ballad? But I adore victims!
  4. ITG

    Laura Branigan thread

    Love Laura! I just feel sad when I think of her. She became recluse after her husband died. Had rave reviews for stage in Love, Janis. Tragic short life, but wonderful singer.
  5. Don't tell me he's won?!?!
  6. Great song! I play it a lot dancing around my bedroom!
  7. My only issue is the variation in volume of songs. I play it at work all the time, one song will be quiet & then 'bam' the next is friggin loud! Otherwise I love this album & especially her vocals. I think not doing too many vocal takes is a good idea because you can start to lose the emotion.
  8. When I did my playlist, this was the first track. It's one of my most played RH tracks.
  9. Probably Devil Pray will be a single.
  10. The new teaser - the choreography, it reminds me of Like A Virgin Blond Ambition Tour! Yes!!!!!
  11. Correct - it's a Madonna record, not an Aviici record. And wasn't it Guy O' that suggested she work with Aviici? I don't think Aviici is dissing her, typical print media causing a stir!
  12. ITG


    Lol! That's hilarious! I don't hear that at all.
  13. ITG


    I'm still singing "and I still feel shitty" at the end every time!
  14. I try not to.....but I always go back to it
  15. ITG

    Ghosttown Remixes

    Horrible! All of them!