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  1. Awesome! Thank you Hector! Now I don't have to bother responding to the nonsense.
  2. No! This perspective is totally warped. No one is saying people who are deeply religious must accept gays. I "accept them not accepting me" as you say. In fact I don't give a shit whether they do or not. But what I won't accept are a bunch of laws passed by southern states under the guise of "religious freedom" that are just thinly veiled attempts to deny equality to gay people. No one is telling anyone what to believe in their church. But they are trying to make it ok for me to be denied services from business owners, therapists and medical professionals simply because if sexual orientation. That's discrimination, plain and simple.
  3. Yeah I hear what your saying and I think I agree, but I'd rather see M win ugly than not win at all, and that's how I view this duet idea.
  4. I respectfully disagree. "Bitch better get my Money" isn't a hit because it's a god awful song. "Four Five Seconds" is a minor hit in spite of the fact that it's pretty crappy (kinda catchy chorus, but not great) solely because it's riding Rihanna's persona and rabid fan base. Give her a good song (like pretty much anything on Rebel Heart) and she will probably smash. Why shouldn't M hitch herself to that wagon?
  5. I actually think this makes a lot of sense for both of them but I doubt it will happen. I envision a conversation between them going something like this. M: Riri! I've got great material for this album but I could release Like A Prayer today and radio wouldn't play it. Fucking sucks!" R: "I hear you girl. Radio will play anything I release but I spent two years in the studio and the songs just aren't very good so I can't get a smash and I'm embarrassed by my discography. Fucking sucks!" M: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's rerecord 'Unapologetic Bitch'! I'll give you a verse and some choruses to sing on. You can get some quality material and I will get the radio play that I so obviously deserve. It's a win win!" R: "ok cool. You're the best Madonna!" Or something like that.
  6. There are some good candidates but for me it's Ghosttown. "I know we're all right cause we'll never be alone in this mad mad, in this mad mad world. Even with no light We're gonna shine like gold In this mad mad In this mad mad world"
  7. Ha! When she took the mic back I thought M was going to Kanye poor Taylor.
  8. Damn I love how she sings the chorus with so much power!
  9. Wow I know this us late but I'm still trying to get over how shockingly bad that bitch better have my money song was. : o
  10. Bingo! It's a total uphill battle for her to try to get anything played on radio. So why even play that game? Just release the best songs and if the public likes them so much the better.
  11. No, it's got to be Like A Prayer. Promise to try, TDDUP, Oh Father. That's all really naked, intensely personal material.
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