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  1. Am I the only one who finds Donald Trump amusing and isn't really worried about him actually becoming president?
  2. In the future you're going to see more of this sort of thing, with a small portion of the population growing considerably richer and the majority of people remaining in the doldrums, I think people will reach a boiling point. I wish I could find the quote by Roosevelt about the need to implement reforms in the 1930s or else people would revolt.
  3. I love this song and the demos, it brings me back to 1993/1994 Madonna. I know I maybe in the minority here but Bedtime Stories has some of my favourite tracks by M. I'm not sure what it is about the song but the music has a very early 90s R&B vibe to it with a bit of early 90s trance too.
  4. That interview really did fly by. Despite some people not liking him, Howard is an amazing interviewer, and I'm glad that she didn't come off bitchy, and seemed down to earth, showing a little bit of her vulnerable side at times.
  5. I like that he's saying she's the highest selling female artist of all time.
  6. It looks like he announced it at 16:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_rPN4KK6U0
  7. I love Howard, and he does seem to have respect for Madonna. I hope that she is at ease and not all defensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctCLYjvemBM
  8. Love your mixes, keep em coming and I love jamming to your mixes in my car.
  9. I remember when I saw her perform Bedtime Story in 1995, I hope she has another iconic performance twenty years later!
  10. Love that cover, it was her first reinvention. Here's the MTV video about her year in 1986.
  11. My favourite look of hers is that early 90s Marilyn Monroesque look, so I hope she keeps it. She just needs the darker eyebrows and she'll look amazing in any b&w video or photoshoot.
  12. It seems to me that Russia's ruling elites are looking for scapegoats to blame the current crises on, including the economic crisis.
  13. All of the reviews thusfar seem to be good, this album seems to have the best reviews since Confessions.
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