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  1. Thanks for posting this. What a beautiful soul! Sorry to hear she passed but it was encouraging to hear it was peaceful. We have a lot to learn!
  2. Although I'm surprised im not gonna complain about the Official tracklist and for me it will be like brand new,songs as I only listened to the demos once. I've forgotten how most of them sounded. I didn't even listen to S.E.X! :-))
  3. I've got a very good feeling that there will be a couple of new songs that have managed to escape being leaked and one of these is going to blow everything else out of the water!
  4. I'm with Stephen on this. Expect the unexpected!
  5. Perhaps living for love is going to be the conclusion to the take a bow trilogy? All the clues seem to be pointing in that direction.
  6. I dunno. She's recruiting for her revolution of love! :-)
  7. This fits with my concept of the video. Remember how after like a virgin on mdna tour M was corseted to within an inch of her life. Well that's how she would look at the start And each time she sings I'm gonna carry on the bonding becomes free until eventually she is totally free of it during the final section joyously dancing in ecstasy similar to like a prayer video.
  8. The sound of M inhaling breath is just as expressive as her singing as far as I'm concerned and I love how she can colour her voice to portray the feeling in the song.
  9. I'm not sure about the flags idea. M doesn't like to repeat herself but I do like the concept of different cultures being shown in a possitive light. :-)
  10. Just because a demo has been recorded as a ballad does not mean it can't be reworked into something uptempo. Wash all over me is a good example of this But I respect your argument and will wait and see
  11. In alphabetical order 1 Best Night 2 Bitch I'm Madonna 3 Body Shop 4 Devil Pray 5 Ghosttown 6 Graffiti Heart 7 Heartbreak City 8 Hold Tight 9 Iconic 10 Illuminati 11 Joan of Arc 12 Living for Love 13 Messiah 14 Never let you go 15 Rebel Heart 16 Revolution 17 Addicted 18 Unapologetic Bitch 19 Veni Vedi Veci I'm basing this list on what I think would make a balanced album and what would be relevant to the theme.
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