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  1. Barcelona was such a fun show with crazy hair and missed song lyrics but for me, it was the moment just after Holiday with the totally random t-shirt guy which topped the night off. " Baby I'm hot enough as it is! "
  2. For me this song/ video exemplifies M's bridge from narcissist to humanist. A beautiful piece of work which has been vastly underrated.
  3. NEW Madonna Instagram Thread

    Thanx Mozo1.Theres nothing quite like making an entrance! :-)
  4. NEW Madonna Instagram Thread

    I'm sorry but this is a massive overreaction to something not just innocuous but supportive of all of the rebel hearts who paved the way for freedom from social injustice. This is exactly what M is fighting for to a large extent which was voiced in her art for freedom project. I could understand it if she had posted images of her naked arse with the said images superimposed on each buttock. Now that would be worth a reaction. But M is not the self confessed narcissist that she was in the 90's and contrary to popular belief does not cause controversy to get attention or at least if she does its because she wants to draw attention to a larger cause.