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  1. At the 'End of the World' there will be Cher, Cockroaches and now seemingly, everyone criticising Madonna's performance at Eurovision.
  2. I totally agree with everything he says!
  3. I do not think the problem was her voice in this instance, rather the in house monitoring that probably failed. I've re-watched the Met Gala and that was note perfect from beginning to end. It seemed as if she couldn't hear herself and tried valiantly to get through it. You can see she is not happy but still she carries on like the brave warrior she is. I think people forget that she wrote the song, so she has a good idea what notes to sing.
  4. I was being so good at avoiding "I Rise" , but it was played twice on the radio when I was at work and I couldn't escape! Aggghh!
  5. So Future is the new track that will be performed. Didn't see that coming!
  6. Now that's what I call Brunette. Stunning !
  7. Yeah, I think you are right. All the filmed footage is still puzzling me. Maybe it is part of something bigger, in the same vein as Secret Project?
  8. She'll do a medley. Rescue Me from this Candy Shop Inferno!
  9. Yes, as do the lyrics. "People tell me to shut my mouth, that I might get burned!"
  10. It's an up-tempo accordion based dance music originating from Cabo Verde
  11. Really synchronistic moment there. I had just been listening to The Immaculate Collection earlier and 'Rescue Me' came on, and I thought, I wonder if she will do this on the next tour? Cut to me watching this interview with my jaw on the floor!
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