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  1. I'm so in love with Alone With You. The melody is simply perfect and there's something in the way she sings the chorus that strongly reminds me of the Madonna of the 80's. I can't understand why is it a leftover. I NEED that song in my life. The whole song. In glorious HQ. Like right now. Thanks.
  2. S.E.X. - Way better than the demo, moody and edgy Autotune Baby - Weird, but it can be improved. Trust no bitch - Oh yeah! Waiting for this Joan of Arc - Very nice, not boring anymore. Finally, this song needed some LIFE. Alone with you - Loving the chorus Take it back - Bluff Hold tight - Yeah! She must play this on her next tour. La isla bonita - Funny
  3. DJ Dahi & Blood Diamonds were tagged by her in SEX. So, at least, they've worked on Devil Pray, Iconic and SEX. Kanye, we know for sure has produced Illuminati and Wash All Over Me. He was rumored also to be working on Holy Water.
  4. Wash All Over Me HAS TO BE on that album. Not only because it's one of the greatest demos. It's also one of the few truly dance songs of the album (along with Living for love) and she has showed her love for that song teasing its lyrics in Instagram more than once.
  5. I don't want S.E.X. on the album. I guess it's catchy but those lyrics ("OMG, you're so hot") are terrible and it's one of the weaker demos.
  6. My top 3: 1. Heartbreak city 2. Wash all over me 3. Inside Out I also love Best Night and Never Let You Go. Addicted and Veni Vidi Vici deserve to be on that album too. Body Shop is also a grower and a nice fresh song.
  7. I pre-ordered the album on iTunes and I'll buy the vinyl. It's worth it.
  8. 1. Wash all over me 2. Rebel heart 3. Heartbreak city 4. Living for love 5. Unapologetic bitch 6. Addicted 7. Devil prays 8. Revolution 9. Bitch I'm Madonna 10. Messiah 11. Joan of Arc 12. Illuminati 13. Borrowed time
  9. KEEPERS, PLEASE Rebel Heart (should be 1st single, so catchy and has a glorious chorus) Wash all over me (my personal fav. Awesome. Still needs to polish the vocals and I want more strings on it!) Heartbreak city (perfect one, haunting mood and great chorus) Addicted (very Abba-ish, love it but needs to be polished) Unapologetic bitch (great song, very fresh and full of potential) Living for love (could be better. I like its soul vibes, but it needs some reworking and more gospel chorus) Revolution (clearly an early demo, but has a promising melody and rhythm) I GUEES I CAN LIVE WITH THESE Devil Prays (I like its folky mood, it's growing on me) Bitch I'm Madonna (so odd, but also very edgy) Messiah (not my cup of tea, the melody could be far better, but overall it's an OK song) PLEASE, OUT OF THE ALBUM Joan of Arc (nice but boring and the weaker ballad) Borrowed time (sooo generic and uninspired...) Illuminati (like the rap verses, but the rest it's likeā€¦ seriously?) I'm sure there's a lot of demos better than these three above. And I want Veni Vidi Vici in the album.
  10. If the promo in Washington DC is really hers, the album's title would definitely be Rebel Heart.
  11. Those lyrics are from Unapologetic Bitch according to Madonnarama (or DM) when they described the track last summer.
  12. Diplo said there would be 5 of his songs in the album. I guess this songs are: Unapologetic bitch Living for love Bitch I'm Madonna Veni vidi vici Hold tight (or) Autotune baby For the description of the first single, we can exclude Living for love, Veni vidi vici and Autotune baby. Unapologetic bitch is now the more likely option. We know it has a reggae vibe and it's the more tagged song by Madonna on IG. But "Hold Tight" is supposed to have some collabs (maybe MNEK and Alicia Keys playing the piano?) and, according to DM, it should be a great choice as leading single. Oh, and I don't think that "Bitch, I'm Madonna" could be a single. It's supposed to be the weirdest and craziest song in the album. Definitely, not single material.
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