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  1. lololol at that exact moment Madonna was thinking someone is getting fired
  2. I just voted for Madonna. I cant believe she s way behind Britney and lgg in third placee
  3. why is this thread so quiet tonight??? is Madonna performing new material right now on tv or something!!!!????!!!!!???
  4. I would rather that she didn't do something that has already been done b4.... I long for the not afraid to take a risk,cutting edge, innovative courageous Madonna that brought something new to the world of pop music.
  5. s "strings snd beats" this EG song sounds like DAD(from 2002) but less refined.
  6. I soooo wish he was gay!!!! he looks really perverted.
  7. her vocsls at th end of that skit were life!!!!! what happened? she doesnot sound that way anymore. #jS
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