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  1. I wish she would post a little more of the twins goofing off and yelling over each other on her ig. I’d also love if she would go live for an entire Benfica soccer match on the weekends, I think she could grow her followers that way.
  2. The music video is for the twins,
  3. Yes. She’s been in London since Monday,
  4. Sooner or later she always gets her man horse.
  5. Is this tweet album related ? green screens for a visual album?
  6. I’m shocked ppl see Instagram as a burden. What r your thoughts on posting on other pop music forums?
  7. IKR she was born in Michigan and Adams grew up just up the street from her about 1000 km away in Montréal.
  8. Is she filming another video over night tonight in London? Can’t wait to see If any pictures leak.
  9. Maybe Subday is some crucial clue we’ve overlooked.
  10. It’s probably true though. No point in sweeping it under the rug.
  11. Weed is legal in California. #justsaying u don’t need to move.
  12. If you Look to the right hand side of this picture you will notice what appears to be Malumas facial hair and eyebrows. She’s still Sunday dreaming about his glory pole
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