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  1. She was perfect. Such a beautiful face. And those eyes of hers
  2. I Completely forgot about Célébration!!!! It’s perfect for the event. We need to spam Oseary’s ig account pronto .
  3. I think she should perform a song that isn’t too old. Music would work well. Anything post the year 2000.
  4. According to Pud Whacker, ‘Madame X’ will be the name of the album, he got this info from an insider
  5. I hope Maluma has an unscripted wardrobe malfunction on the Eurovision stage and all his junk hangs out. #lennykravitzstyle
  6. It will be the blockbuster hit Candy shop (the hava Nagila remix)
  7. Omg I’m so fucking excited Confirmed: this album will sell MORE than RH did.
  8. Wow ten videos! I wonder if she shows off her ass at all in any of them. I’m still hoping the Anita colab has been scrapped. I don’t want her soiling the new album. (Literally)
  9. I hope she’s not going with the fortune teller theme for this era like some here are suggesting. It’s all con. There is no way to tell the future,
  10. Maybe it the size of malumas penis in cm inches ?
  11. I won’t be doing anything else but checking Instagram all fucking day myself. Thx Madonna, you did that
  12. She’s telling us she’s an X-MAN mutant ?
  13. Is this some sort of April fools joke on her part? Oh no she better don’t.
  14. Well if this is true I don’t want her anywhere near Eurovision. I want her to be safe.
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