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  1. Omg, I love this gif. omg I can’t believe how much weight she has lost.
  2. I remember seeing this now. It’s such a funny video. It b e me another laugh. The comment about Australia being not even on the map is priceless. Yeah baby. Of course ur in,
  3. Now we have ppl complaining about ppl complaining when there hasn’t been a meltdown to begin With.
  4. Boy is she in for a rude awaking at the tel-Aviv airport next month.
  5. U r cordially Invited to attend a Eurovision viewing at spotlights house,
  6. do u know what it feels like for... Mme X will tell you all about it, soon.
  7. It will be the bomb... this will inevitably reach twice as many viewers than the SuperBowl did back in 2012. My prediction. She will make Eurovision bigger than it already is. Eta: not many ppl watch Eurovision in North América
  8. I’ve already subscribed to some Greek network that will be airing it live
  9. I would’ve gladly accepted a hard candy part 2 in between MDNA and REBEL HEART.
  10. If i recal correctly, think she may have hash tagged MadameX at some point in the last few weeks. I Could be wrong though.
  11. What you freaking out about Andy? It says ‘podem’
  12. What if she’s going the ballad route for Eurovision?
  13. You know she’s just dying to post a video of the twins yelling Over each other at the top lungs though.
  14. Uhmmm no. It’s quite the opposite actually... Try searching #madamex on Instagram.
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