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  1. He probably baths every morning in Nair to be that smooth.
  2. Go for it don’t forget to post it here though
  3. The go fund me. says tom and zac live in Potts Point. Isn’t that one of the richest most affluent upper class neighbourhoods in all of Australia?. @Jazzy Jan @Rugbyguy @Napoléon @San
  4. I think she feels like she has to make an ass of her self this season in order to bring in the viewers amd justify her 25 million. For that much money she may want to come back for a later season down the road so she has to make this work,
  5. She’s making 25 million this season tomdo this
  6. What a mess. I like her quirky side she really seems to like to fall all over the place when a camera is on her
  7. Katy Perry trying to dance with Gretchenreminds me of Kristen wig on snl
  8. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Best thread ever, For all the wrong reasons
  9. The reductive Trump of Pop

  10. Need to see more pictures of her new slimmer body and boobs to be able to tell for sure. I wonder though, if someone has there boob implants taken out and replaced for a smaller pair wouldn’t there be some visible sagging skin? She must have also had a boob lift.