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  1. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    That add Is perfection.
  2. Oh yeah that's right.
  3. Is this a "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" spinoff?
  4. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    The three or four years billy crystal hosted the Grammys were absolute crap imho. Im sure the ratings were great and all but I never enjoyed him at all. ETA: I think it was the Grammys he hosted, I may be confusing that award show with the AMA's.
  5. Although I love the track list on YCD. (I wouldn't change a thing) but looking back, perhaps an appropriate remix of "each time u break my heart" the song she did with Stephen Bray might have been nice. I don't know where it would fit in the album though.
  6. Of course she doesn't read her fan mail. I'm pretty sure 99.9999999% of artists have assistants sort through that shit.
  7. This is the biggest stupidity ever posted on social media. What an idiot. These lyrics suck #donkeydick This is very likely
  8. Singing "about and FOR" dead people will be her legacy.
  9. If memory serves me well, I could be completely wrong, but i think I read somewhere that there was a madonna song in the movie burlesque. I've never seen the film.
  10. Hanky panky @ t = 31:50
  11. lucky star... I remember this series had a few madonna songs (Chris rock is a huge M Fan)
  12. Lucky star in the motion picture "SNATCH" @ time = 1:35
  13. I can't keep up with her medical file anymore. There just so many ailments/disorder/malady/afflictions/bla bla bla... what does RA stand for dear?
  14. Madonna - nominated and inducted,the first year she was eligible, into the RRHoF. #whenWillYourFave
  15. Huh...!!?!?!?! r we talking about the same Ginette and the same rrhof?