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  1. I just skimmed through his ig... he looks better thanever.
  2. I hope she's dusts this one off for the next tour. It needs a live vocal treatment, A reinvention.
  3. This concept sounds really good. I'd pay money to see this show. Great track list.
  4. On the next tour please.
  5. Every I get a notification saying she's posted something on ig I'm always hoping she's announcing a release of a secret album. I love her ig. I could spend hrs reading the comments on her posts
  6. he S so sexy... wonder what he looks like now
  7. I voted for the second half. Pretender and stay are pop perfection in every way. Im listening to shoo bee do rn and I really like her vocal... my opinion may change in a few hrs though.
  8. Barely, her careers is on life support. The chances of her making a full recovery are neglectable. On a positive note, I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures of her half empty venues while she's on tour.
  9. No lies detected here. any 30 year old that hangs out with her dad as she does & hasn't ever been seen just hanging out with friends or peers must have some deep rooted issues that need sorting out. Remember when she was all alone in the washroom at the met gala. Just killing time cause no one wanted to hang out with her.
  10. thx for the info@jasray💚 I have never heard or seen this before. I'm hail from the Sesame Street, mr rodgers and "passe-partout" (french language kid show) génération. Anything after that era is lost on me.