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  1. Avicii has passed away

    That was unexpected. He was so young... I wasn't a fan, but I'm still teary-eyed about it. RIP Avicii.
  2. Random Madonna Discussion

    Also, I'm pretty sure that's a dude.
  3. I feel bad for letting so many out! 1. Music 2. Ray of Light 3. Erotica 4. Get Together 5. Vogue 6. Like a Prayer 7. Into the Groove 8. La Isla Bonita 9. Falling Free 10. Devil Pray
  4. It is "makes". "Mix" just doesn't makes sense. It would be like saying that it doesn't mix sense. lol
  5. Madonna is working on new music.

    I'm late for the party, but OMG that's amazing news!!! Could Magic be the title of the album? After Music and MDNA, it would be a good title for a MADGE album.
  6. Why am I not surprised that MATM has 0 vote?
  7. YouTube reaction videos

    Basically, at first she thought the video looked more dated because the colors were not as saturated as in the other M videos she watched so far. She thought the red dress was so extra and she loved it. Oh and she was surpised to see a couch outside. That's about it. Not a word about duality, freedom, or anything.
  8. YES! OK thanks, I see it now. That's an amazing outtake!
  9. YouTube reaction videos

    She still doesn't get it. She doesn't talk about the meaning of it at all. She only comments on her red dress and the saturation of colors. But I still like Sisley and I'm gonna watch all her reaction videos. She's a cool kid.
  10. Thanks. That's what I thought first, but then I find the hair is different. I've never seen that one before.
  11. YouTube reaction videos

    I was 8 when I saw the OYH video and I knew exactly what was going on. I was embarrassed to watch it with my parents, and I was super jealous of the little boy.
  12. Tiga

    Madonna should collaborate with him. Remember when we thought it was her voice in Shoes?
  13. Tiga

    YES! I love Tiga. This is my favorite video:
  14. Worst music video ever

    Guys, Big Bad Wolf is a very good video. Plus, A-Trak is super sexy. Not the best Duck Sauce track though.