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  1. Then keep telling yourself he was "probably" not guilty and a healthy adult with a healthy sexuality. Tee-hee!
  2. It was mentioned earlier that he was probably using straight porn to groom the kids. The DailyFail is trash, but you should still take 10 min to watch the video. He acts... weird to say the least. And condescending.
  3. I don't even think he was into men: he was into boys.
  4. Interesting timeline from Spin: https://www.spin.com/2019/01/michael-jackson-child-sexual-abuse-allegations-timeline/?fbclid=IwAR2lI2QbdD7DPXDcJ29d_8yqKkQr8qVLNzr5Lt1_5iSe5eY7UJeJR_AeMxg
  5. Alain Delon

    The Weeknd

    Madonna should collaborate with Gesaffelstein. If you don't know his stuff, this Weeknd track is far from representative.
  6. That super sucks. That's like 99% of my porn viewing is there. Where are we all gonna go?
  7. Alain Delon

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Homogenic Post Vespertine Debut Medulla Volta Biophilia Vulnicura Utopia (that was such a chore to sit through once)
  8. Alain Delon


    YES!! They're my favorite after Madonna and Daft Punk. The new album is their best IMO, but they're all amazing really. I saw them live many times, I don't understand why they don't come to Montréal this year. Anyway, highly recommanded. Also, Dave-1 is super hot!
  9. Alain Delon

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    He's OK I guess. I saw them live (for free) a couple of years ago, and they have a good energy. The music is "OK". I guess this is as far as I'm gonna go.
  10. Alain Delon


    Madonna should collaborate with him. Remember when we thought it was her voice in Shoes?
  11. Alain Delon


    YES! I love Tiga. This is my favorite video:
  12. Alain Delon

    Worst music video ever

    Guys, Big Bad Wolf is a very good video. Plus, A-Trak is super sexy. Not the best Duck Sauce track though.
  13. Alain Delon

    Who’s your second all-time favorite?

    It would be a tie between Daft Punk and Chromeo.
  15. Man, those commercials are fucking ENDLESS!