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  1. There's also a remix by Twisted Dee and Diego Fernandez.
  2. Does anyone have alink for the DJLW remix? It's the only one that I search and I don't find.
  3. I don't see it on dirrtyremixes. I don't find I search
  4. The full Offer Nissim Remix is now on Youtube. I don't usually like her remixes that much, but this one is amazing. Definitely her best remix ever. Same thing goes for Tracy Young with Crave.
  5. Dark Ballet God Control Crave Come Alive I Don't Search I FInd
  6. Are we supposed to get them tonight at midnight? They're not even on dirrtyremixes yet.
  7. Well, yeah, we can figure that much. No names? No date? What a joke. "The lineup has been finalised and approve. Stay tuned for the release date and the track-list."
  8. God Control Dark Ballet Come Alive I Don't Search I Find Crave Extreme Occident Killers Who Are Partying Back That Up To The Beat Looking For Mercy I Rise Batuka Future Crazy Medellín Bitch I'm Loca Funana Ciao Bella Faz Gostoso
  9. God Control Come Alive Looking For Mercy Dark Ballet Crave I Don't Search I Find Back That Up To The Beat Extreme Occident Batuka Killers Who Are Partying I Rise Crazy Medellín Bitch I'm Loca Future Funana Ciao Bella Faz Gostoso
  10. According to Drowned Madonna, the Crave remixes will be released the first week of September. I assume this is September 6, basically in two weeks. https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2019/08/23/madonnas-crave-remixes-release-date/?fbclid=IwAR1FKt4kVAP29FM3Lml80xmPWk13wHKFWMEtjxYt_C2rrhDDZlp8Z-zXFZ4
  11. Yeah, we're expeting more Crave remixes and didn't she post an excerpt of a remix for Future too?
  12. The remixes are OK I guess... Happy b-day M!
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