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  1. 1) Rescue Me 2) Rain 3) Angel 4) Bad Girl 5) HUNG UP IN IT'S ORIGINAL GLORY
  2. Camila Cabello

    I'm really loving Camila lately and I hope Havana's success directs her to stay true to her roots. I'd love for her to do a full Spanish album. We need more Latin Divas in the world.
  3. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    BAT - duh MDNA - so fun and reminded people why the original is the best TGS - perfect RIT - i love the military spin but wish the image didn't always fit the song imo
  4. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    BAT - the choreo and performance is so perfect (even the vocals aren't always) SS - the remix is incredible and feels like a natural progression MDNA - simple and anthemic. a perfect tribute to how iconic the song is RH - eh RIT - not a good fit for the song
  5. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

  6. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    I think we can all agree that the Rave outfit from S&S is her worst by far.
  7. Taylor Swift thread 馃悕

    No matter what anyone in this thread thinks, this trial is actually great for Taylor. All the media related to it is firmly in Taylor's favor and every social media post I've seen as been hugely positive in regards to Taylor's comments and role in this trial. I do think she is right in this circumstance and stand by her for not allowing him to get away with touching women how ever he pleases. We shouldn't allow men to touch women like this or in any way that makes women uncomfortable without their permission. It's all part of rape culture and I am glad Taylor is standing up to it. Madonna would be proud. I still find Taylor problematic in many other areas, but am completely with her during this trial. This also hugely helps the image problem she's had of late and will guarantee massive success with her next single and album.
  8. I am secretly hoping all this film talk is just to throw us off and she is secretly working on new music. She'll surprise us all with a release around her 60th birthday and travel the world on a record breaking tour. I know this isn't true but a boy can dream.
  9. Katy Perry thread

    I don't think she's being PC really; I think she's just trying to learn more about the world and different views on art and culture. She has no education really so when she was speaking to the man from BLM, it wasn't her "giving in" to the criticism but more about understanding why she was criticized in the first place. I think there is a fine line between cultural appropriation and infusing your own art with the love and inspiration from other cultures. I think Katy is learning what that difference is now.
  10. Katy Perry thread

    When did she say this???
  11. rate the tours

    Confessions Blonde Ambition Drowned World Tour MDNA Sticky and Sweet Rebel Heart Girlie Show World Tour Reinvention Tour Who's That Girl Virgin Tour
  12. ICONACLASM: A CAREER I. GENESIS (Inspired by Madonna鈥檚 start in life from Catholicism, the death of her mother, her desires to separate herself from the pack) 路 Music 路 Like A Virgin 路 Oh Father/You Must Love Me 路 Who鈥檚 That Girl/Material Girl 路 Hung Up II. REBEL YELL (American Life interlude) (Inspired by Madonna鈥檚 punk days in NYC and her fights against the status quo.) 路 Papa Don鈥檛 Preach 路 Human Nature/Bitch I鈥檓 Madonna 路 Erotica 路 Open Your Heart 路 Express Yourself III. AROUND THE WORLD (Get Together Interlude) (Madonna鈥檚 love of cultures and ethnicities. A statement of love) 路 La Isla Bonita 路 Vogue 路 Living for Love 路 Physical Attraction 路 Into The Groove IV. SACRIFICE (Ghosttown Interlude) (The sacrifices Madonna has made throughout her life and career in order to be the biggest star in the world. Loss of love, family, friends, anonymity, etc.) 路 Live To Tell 路 Don鈥檛 Tell Me 路 Frozen 路 Take A bow V. HEAVEN鈥橲 GATE (Power of Good-bye Interlude) (Was it all worth the cost? A bright joyous celebration of life and beyond) 路 Ray of Light 路 Give It 2 Me 路 Angel 路 Holiday VI. ENCORE 路 Like A Prayer
  13. Lana Del Rey

    I'm obsessed with the song and video
  14. Best of two: Songs only performed twice on tour

    Everybody VT OR Everybody TGSTBorderline VT OR Borderline S&STCrazy For You VT OR Crazy For You RITTrue Blue WTGT OR True Blue RHTCausing A Commotion WTGT OR Causing A Commotion BATWhere's The Party WTGT OR Where's The Party BATWho's That Girl WTGT OR Who's That Girl RHTHanky Panky BAT OR Hanky Panky RITRain TGST OR Rain S&STThe Beast Within TGST OR The Beast Within RITJustify My Love TGST OR Justify My Love MDNATDrowned World / Substitute For Love DWT OR Drowned World / Substitute For Love CTParadise (Not For Me) DWT OR Paradise (Not For Me) CTDon't Tell Me DWT OR Don't Tell Me RITNobody Knows Me RIT OR Nobody Knows Me MDNATDie Another Day RIT OR Die Another Day S&ST
  15. I'm most excited to see the DVD in general. Just waiting and anticipating.