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  1. I'm so glad that Madonna is ending this year with such deserved and well earned recognition. After the rough start to the album, she deserves to be recognized for the artist she is and the amazing work she created this year. Don't fuck with the Queen.
  2. I still when Madonna posted about it being an early Xmas present on Facebook and I was the first person to like her post. I felt so privileged hahaha. I couldn't sleep all that night due to the excitement. I was far more excited at the songs released and what the future held for us M fans than I was for christmas last year.
  3. I would like this a lot more if Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video wasn't number one. I hate that video so fucking much. It's so ehhhh and just an excuse for Taylor to show off her famous friends and blandly pretty they all are.
  4. Beat Goes On would have been a great single and I can't help but imagine a great video; although the Hard Candy videos are all...umm...yeah. I can still dream. Another shoulda been single.
  5. I'm so thrilled by the embrace that Madonna is receiving on year-end lists. It shows that music critics will remember songs from this album and they will enter into the canon of Madonna classics. While chart placement is nice and can add to the legacy of a song, it is not the SOLE factor in determining the legacy of a song. Ghosttown and Living for Love will be both remembered as classic Madonna songs and will have people wondering 20 years from now why they weren't number one hits.
  6. We should do one for best live performance of a RH track and best promo moment!!
  7. Top Three Songs: Living For Love, Ghosttown, Rebel Heart Song That Grew On You: Body Shop Best Lyrics: Wash All Over Me Best Vocal: Joan of Arc Best Melody: Best Chorus: Inside Out Most Fun To Play Loud: BIM Most Overrated Song: None Most Underrated Song: Heartbreak City MVP Track: Ghosttown Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
  8. I knew from the first moment that Living For Love was a classic Madonna single and one that should be cherished for years and years to come just as Hung Up and Music are now. Easily her best single of the 2000s. I'm glad the critics are giving her the recognition she deserves. It also says something different songs are making different lists and they can't agree which song is actually the best. That's the work of an artist.
  9. I knew that she wouldn't get a single nomination, but I had this tiny shred of hope that maybe she would. Sigh. I'm just upset about how everything turned out for her this year, but if anything it proved that she is a true artist and the music comes first. I will continue to listen to Rebel Heart and savor every sound she has created for us
  10. I always love hearing producers talk about Madonna and how their perceptions changed about her once they met and worked with her. I need the next album to be a one producer, one album event.
  11. AGREE 100% As I have said a million times, I will never get over the fact that it wasn't her 13th number one let alone a top 10 or even a top 100 hit. But I cherish it in my heart and listen to it everyday.
  12. Just get ready for another Taylor Swift dominated night...sigh. Oh well, I'll just listen to Rebel Heart and watch the tour instead.
  13. I really will be sad if we don't get at least one more single/video. I would love a wrap up to the whole era. I don't care about the charts at all, just a nice beautiful video for the fans.
  14. Ray of Light Like A Prayer Erotica Music Madonna Confessions Bedtime Stories Rebel Heart Hard Candy True Blue American Life Like A Virgin MDNA
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