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  1. This album has stunned the fuck out of me. Such a happy fan. I'm a little drunk and on my 3rd listen Cheers!
  2. The production on this album is sooooooo good. So rich and rewarding with each listen.
  3. Good luck with your interview! Slay them like Madame X slayed you!
  4. So addicting! On my 2nd listen and planning on a 3rd.
  5. Unbelievable. Madame X has far exceeded all my expectations.
  6. I love this song. Not sure what the critics’ problem is with the lyrical content
  7. Not a review, but a nice interview for NPR: https://www.npr.org/2019/06/13/731760369/madonna-introduces-madame-x-honesty-is-a-commodity-right-now
  8. They can’t seem to just review the music in front of them. It’s nearly always needlessly judged against her own catalogue and polluted with irrelevant personal attacks.
  9. Her artistic output right now is unparalleled. It's of a whole different magnitude. I'm still absorbing the song and video...so sonically and visually astonishing.
  10. There’s snippets from the introduction to Madame X that have yet to come out, like the nun outfit, etc. So much yet to reveal to complete the Madame X story.
  11. So dumb. I hate radio for this reason. They’ll play hits from ten years ago rather than play a true variety of new music.
  12. That could be good. I looked up ROL and it has an 8.1. Anything in the vicinity would be great, but not holding my breath.
  13. The reviewer from Alternative Press Mag gave Killers 8/10. So at least one reviewer so far likes it quite a bit.
  14. Hearing it now! It’s so good! The bridge!!!
  15. I’m in LA and I can’t hear it yet!
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