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  1. What about Dance/electronic album...I know only a few songs are dance tracks, but wondering if it can be submitted in multiple categories. Plus she’s got two #1s on the dance charts for MX.
  2. Anyone know why it’s not available for purchase in the iTunes Store?
  3. I always have these songs in my head and find myself humming them! Still, not sure if they’re my favorite, but they’ve embedded themselves in my head!
  4. American singer most popular in the ‘60s. “Breaking up is hard to do” was one of his most popular songs you might recognize.
  5. Great review! Thanks for sharing. Maybe let’s add to the review section.
  6. The Billboard article about Batuka also mentions that this is the sixth video “so far” (Refinery 29 makes the same mention). I wonder if we’re in for even more?! https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8521707/madonna-batuka-video
  7. Exactly. This is her artistic decision. It is purposeful and adds to the overall effect.
  8. Fave is God Control still, but I always seem to have Extreme Occident or Crazy on my mind. I start humming them randomly.
  9. Thanks for doing this! Lots of fun. I’m predicting that God Control will be #1. Everything else is a crap shoot, because there’s a lot to love on this album.
  10. No I didn’t experience that. But I noticed the track list on side A is wrong. It lists Future, but it actually starts on side B.
  11. I’m still hoping that the other characters she embodies in the teaser/documentary (nun, accordionist, spy...) are part of future videos and weren’t only for a photo shoot . The looks are so good not to see more of them!
  12. It won’t surprise me if she’s not nominated, but I’d still be disappointed. The Grammys (Shammys) and mainstream media have never fully embraced truly progressive music. “Like a Prayer” should’ve at least been nominated but received no recognition. Now it’s considered as one of many examples of how out of touch the Grammys are. And how safe they tend to vote (Think Bruno Mars’ win over Kendrick Lamar) Always behind the times and beholden to popularity, viewership and money. What else is new.
  13. Makes me appreciate the album that much more, if that’s even possible.
  14. Lol Such a strong work ethic. No time for a trip to the loo. It’s not a hi res pic so hard to see what’s really going on. And honestly who cares.
  15. So Mojo is a 4-star system, looking at the section with previous albums?
  16. http://m.hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming Congrats to Madame X on her 9th US #1!!
  17. I’m thinking this too. But time will tell.
  18. Someone mentioned it would be published on the 25th.
  19. I saw very few copies at my local Target in the new music section. Hopefully that’s a good sign. Ultimately it’s not that important IMO, but it’s nice to see our Queen at the top. I’m streaming on Spotify pretty much all day long.
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