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  1. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    Which tours have you seen live?

    The Virgin Tour (LA) Blonde Ambition Tour (LA) Re-Invention Tour (LA) Confessions (LA, PHX, Chicago, San Jose, LA again) Sticky and Sweet (LA, Vegas, Chicago) MDNA (LA, PHX, Chicago) Rebel Heart (PHX, Chicago, Miami)
  2. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    I don't see how she does it! We all slow down a bit after turning the big 50. I'm 2 years younger than her, and so impressed that she made it through the demanding schedule of the tour with no cancellations. Thankful to see her in Chicago, Phoenix, and Miami.
  3. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    Mexico Rebel Heart Tour

    Weren't Guy and Madonna married at the time she signed the 10 year deal with Live Nations? It is his responsibility as the adult to encourage their Son (who is a minor) to workout an agreement while she working under an agreed contract...and not allow him to cut off contact.
  4. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    CHICAGO:September 28

    I'm going! Very anxious for the work day to end!
  5. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    Rebel Heart Tour MNation Roll Call

    Chicago Glendale, AZ Miami (first night)
  6. The SuperDeluxe format is not listed on the official US Universal/Interscope reslease sheet for 3-10-15. BUT.....maybe it may be sold @ ONE mass merchant chain store in lieu of the Deluxe format.
  7. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    The official Universal music group release sheet for 3/10/15 for the U.S. A Super Deluxe format is not listed.
  8. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    (no Super Deluxe format included in the release sheet for 3/10/15).
  9. 2HaveAnd2Hold

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    Full Length Album Compact Disc [EXPLICIT] Full Length Album Compact Disc [Edited] [2 LP][Deluxe Edition] Version Title: [Explicit] Deluxe Edition LP contains 5 additional bonus tracks Full Length Album Compact Disc [EXPLICIT] {Deluxe Edition] Version Title: [Explicit] Deluxe Edition 5 additional bonus tracks