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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    Oh god I'm being forced to listen this for the first time while in a friend's car. What kind of generic Chainsmokers Mariah reject track is this??? It doesn't even sound like her!
  2. Sticky and Sweet Tour version is LIFE! Love the high energy performance.
  3. Sky Fits Heaven Vs. Skin

    Sky Fits Heaven for sure. The lyrics paint this beautiful picture that I think would've been very difficult to portray in a video. The ending of Skin is perfection though.
  4. I was waiting for this one! It's glorious.
  5. I'd love to see her work with The Presets. They're an amazing Australian electronic duo who've produced some incredible tracks. Also keen for Mirwais to make a return.
  6. What a great surprise. Love how active she's been after the RHT.
  7. Of course she found a way to incorporate Candy Shop though
  8. What a beautiful performance. She was amazing.
  9. And now I'm listening to Like A Prayer again... What an album.
  10. Songs you prefer the live version of

    Let It Will Be and Burning Up (RHT) - Love the way she puts so much energy into the performances
  11. Justin Timberlake thread

    Catchy track. I miss Timbaland though...
  12. Could RH have worked in stadiums?

    I like the intimacy an arena provides, especially for a show like the RHT where there was quite a bit of engagement with the fans.
  13. Batman Returns

    I do hope Burton and M end up working on something together. I feel like she would be a good fit for his dark and gothic style.
  14. I didn't realise so many people disliked Some Girls - it's my jam! Definitely one of the better tracks on the album in my opinion. Superstar on the other hand...
  15. Die Another Day Video

    Yes! Such an energetic interlude and one of my favourites!
  16. SYDNEY 20 March - Final Show!

    I've got my first day back at uni tomorrow. Will probably only get three hours sleep but Madonna's worth it. Grade A student right here XD
  17. OMG I just found my seat and I'm so much closer to the stage than I first thought! I'm practically at the tip of the right arm of the cross, so there's a chance the queen could make eye contact with me! XD
  18. Absolutely! I still can't believe we got a full two hour performance and that set list. I was expecting a one hour show with 5 to 6 songs and mostly banter (which I would've been perfectly happy with). But what she delivered was so much more than I could've ever hoped for. Simply incredible.
  19. Absolutely amazing show! I still don't think I've truly acknowledged the fact that she was only a few metres away from me. She's incredibly beautiful up close and does not look her age at all. Her vocals were on point tonight (especially during between the bars) and that setist was to die for. I never thought I'd get to hear the majority of those songs performed live so I was in complete awe the entire night. Borderline was for sure the crowd favourite and had everyone singing along, but my personal favourites were Nobody's Perfect and Paradise (Not For Me). It was also hilarious watching Monte shake his head at M everytime she messed up an intro XD Only complaint was a few drunken dudes next to me but everything else was just perfect. She's amazing and I love her. Best 'first M show' ever.
  20. Thank god she started and finished so late. Now I'm only 2 hours early for my 6am flight back home XD