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  1. Love me a bit of Robbie. I'm looking forward to this.
  2. Nman93

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Catchy track. I miss Timbaland though...
  3. Nman93

    Could RH have worked in stadiums?

    I like the intimacy an arena provides, especially for a show like the RHT where there was quite a bit of engagement with the fans.
  4. Fab pic. And yes please for Hung Up, preferably in Sydney
  5. Nman93


    Loved it from the moment I heard it and haven't stopped playing it since. The 'Yeezus loves my pussy best' line is LIFE.
  6. Nman93

    Coldplay thread

    Adventure of a lifetime is glorious. One of my favourite tracks from them in a long time.
  7. I thought this was gonna be about the Kylie song...
  8. Nman93

    Miami January 24

    I still can't get over how amazing this version of Material Girl is. Better than the original IMO.
  9. Nman93

    Miami January 23

    Don't cry for me Argentina. Stunning...
  10. Nman93


    Beautiful song. Absolutely love this and the rest of the few acoustic driven tracks off RH.
  11. Nman93

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    Secret Praying for a Bad Girl performance (hopefully in Sydney!)
  12. Only once Praying she adds another show in Sydney...
  13. Maybe Rocco is in charge of editing the DVD for this tour...