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  1. Hope M works with him again on the next album now she is back in Europe. Would love a Patrick Leonard/Joe Henry written album with Mirwais producing again.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, she is directing it next year according to this article : "a Madonna-directed film next year" http://wwd.com/eye/parties/courtney-love-jeremy-scott-celebrate-costume-designer-arianne-phillips-dressing-the-part-10975921/ Mind u the article is from 6 weeks ago...
  3. M14 producers wishlist

    Patrick & Joe for writing please, wouldn't mind Mirwais back producing ONLY. As for someone NEW I am so out of touch with modern day music I have no Idea?
  4. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    1. Beautiful Killer 2. I Don't Give A 3. I Fucked Up 4. Give Me All Your Luvin 5. Turn Up The Radio 6. B-Day Song
  5. Still think she may do album first!
  6. Good point but I don't see why she was talking about album making a month ago if she isn't planning on getting back into the studio until the second half of next year?
  7. Don't see why she cannot record the album first (early 2018), direct in the summer then release album late 2018?
  8. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    Oh Bat-Fan u crack me up...
  9. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    I have the Blu ray of TAB & it is NOT out of synth, stop worrying Bat-Fan!
  10. I also think her moving to Portugal has played a factor in why she wants to record an album at this stage instead of direct a film first as it is probably too hard to organise everything while living in Lisbon especially when she cannot even film the movie there as the story is not set in Portugal at all. Making an album is easier for her then making a film.
  11. I think she is struggling to get the film off the ground financially, hence she probably thought it would be done by the end of this year & now she feels inspired again she decided to do the album first & film second.
  12. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    After seeing this & LAP on the Blu ray, I so wish they left these performances in as part of the main show & omitted the boxing part, oh well...
  13. Loowee is right, one album left, touring contract finished, doesn't mean she won't sign on with LN for a tour by tour bases in future though!
  14. Rebel Heart Tour finished her touring contract deal with LN it was revealed back in 2015. & yes Theatre TOAC type show I'd presume she is hinting at?