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  1. Yeah but she started recording RH in March 2014 & didn't finish until November 2014. But that was a bit different especially if this time around she works with less producers & not as many songs.
  2. Looks like Mirwais may be one of the producers since they started following each other back in November & now Monte has just started following him too. Also if Recording sessions have started now in January we should have New Album by the fall (RH began recording in March so these sessions are earlier), Yay, exciting times ahead!!!
  3. Guys chill, this girl is a writer, not producer, some of Madonna's writers on RH had not done very good songs with others before but when they worked with M she brought out the best in them so if M is inspired it doesn't really matter who she co-writes with!
  4. Did she just start following? as this may be a hint! I remember she began following her RH writers/producers just before sessions began in early 2014.
  5. More tour rumours

    What does it say?
  6. I think she'll return to the studio next month or in March & when she does I'd say we will know about it!
  7. Into The Groove from the tours ranked

    1. Sticky 2. Virgin 3. Who's That Girl 4. Blond 5. Reinvention
  8. Music from the tours ranked

    1. Confessions 2. Rebel Heart 3. Drowned World 4. Sticky & Sweet 5. Reinvention
  9. Some of you are really getting ahead of yourselves, she won't do a GH Tour next year as she said she is making a New Album so it will be her normal mix of new vs old.
  10. Yes for New Album & Tour & No Film at this stage... I predict New Album recording starting in Feb/Mar next year followed by release in the fall followed by tour starting in OZ in April 2019 (as she said last year at my show in Melbourne)!
  11. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    1. Virgin 2. Rebel 3. Blond 4. Who's That Girl 5. Reinvention
  12. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    1. Blond Ambition 2. Confessions 3. MDNA 4. Rebel Heart 5. Virgin 6. Who's That Girl 7. Griliw Show