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  1. A second Sydney show has already been announced :
  2. The Australian Tour will be announced next month. Beyonce will play Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on November 18 & 19 2016 according to the Herald Sun newspaper.
  3. I'm surprised Oz dates have not been announced yet for Nov/Dec. Coldplay announced there stadium dates in Dec back in April.
  4. No, only talk of Oz in November!
  5. With her current run she will finish on around $270M, she should do a max of $350M if she goes to South America, Africa, Oceania & Asia too!
  6. Madonna should do the same next album, make a short 10-12 track visual album. I don't care if she's accused of copying, I just want a visual album for a change.
  7. She won't outgross S&S unless she does around 75 dates. She's currently on 49.