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  1. I ordered the Japanese Blu ray for $51.00 USD including shipping so not too bad, really wanted the complete show including "Take A Bow".
  2. No New Album till 2019 unfortunately unless this Netflix film gets cancelled but doubt it...
  3. Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Vogue Nobody Knows Me Frozen American Life Express Yourself Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me Like A Prayer
  4. You mean HC-MDNA (which was 4 years), MDNA-RH was 3!
  5. This now comes out next month & not even pre-orders available anywhere?
  6. I've asked around here in Australia about the release or even a pre-order at stores like JB-HI-FI & Sanity & have been told at this stage it is not getting released here in Oz, how ridiculous considering she brought the tour & filmed a majority of it here!

    Still prefer Drowned World's more theatrical performance but the simplicity of this version is magical too, one of the few good moments of the Reinvention Tour.
  8. Hypothetical: Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19

    Really? I think u mean December 2018 & tour in Summer 2019, she has a film to make yet & she hasn't recorded anything!
  9. Yes the problem with MDNA is the mixing & vocal issues + a few dud songs that bring the album down but u can find a killer POP album in this tracklist in my opinion (better than any other Pop girls albums) : 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. I Don't Give A 6. Beautiful Killer 7. I'm A Sinner 8. Love Spent 9. Masterpiece 10. Best Friend 11. Falling Free
  10. Hypothetical: Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19

    I think in each city she should do a 2 Night gig of different shows/setlists : 1st Night (Arena/Stadium) - Greatest Hits/Uptempo show for the GP 2nd Night (Theatre) - TOAC Type fan show with forgotten hits, album tracks & new songs.
  11. 1. Living For Love 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Illuminati 4. Bitch I'm Madonna (Diplo Mix) 5. Holy Water 6. Iconic 7. Heartbreak City 8. Devil Pray 9. Body Shop 10. Inside Out 11. Ghost Town 12. Wash All Over Me 13. Joan Of Arc 14. Messiah 15. Rebel Heart That would have made the best RH Tracklist.
  12. Nothing Really Matters in the Geisha section of course!
  13. Agreed. I can see this : Filming - Fall 2017 Editing - First half of 2018 Recording Album/Premiering Film - Second half of 2018 Release Film/ Album - Early 2019 Tour - Summer/Fall 2019
  14. Hypothetical: Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19

    She will tour in 2019 & possibly into 2020, no later than 2020 though. Film the new film : Fall 2017 Edit : First half of 2018 Edit/Record Album/Premiere Film : Second half of 2018 Release New Album/Film : Early 2019 Tour : Summer 2019 So basically will follow same formula as W.E/MDNA
  15. The Tour aspect is finished but she still owes LN/Interscope one more album by the end of 2019.