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  1. Trump said he wants to overlook the final count himself, WTF...
  2. Fancy having to choose between Trump & Biden, no wonder American's don't vote...
  3. Yeah LFM is good filler, but not much else, the verses & vocals are nice but the chorus & production are bland & repetitive.
  4. Agreed, the lowest I gave was a 5/10 & that was too BTUTTB, which is just a bonus & reworked RH demo.
  5. Love all 3 songs so much but for me : 1. Come Alive 2. Crave 3. Crazy
  6. MX is a MASTERPIECE, it's one of the best albums of recent years, if not the best...
  7. Maluma wasn't used to get a hit, he hasn't even had a hit song himself in the US or Europe. They worked together because he suited the Latin vibe of both Medellin & Loca & they had great chemistry together. It was M's vision, not the record label.
  8. Agree, but I just didn't know where to fit it on the main disc, maybe after I Don't Search?
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