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  1. and Mercy is always Mercy James I wonder if the press will use ciccone
  2. esther and stella playing in the snow.... does anyone know the source of this pic? madonna didn't post anything
  3. Great news! i'm sure they'll have a great life with madonna. and i love her children's names..
  4. I didn't expect this at all! I'm so happy for her! I can't wait to see the kids
  5. What an amazing moment. I'm proud to be her fan
  6. Me too. We are too spoiled now... I've been waiting forever for some ski stories
  7. Bedtime Stories without a doubt.
  8. her instagram is life. i don't even know how we managed to live without it
  9. The first girl wearing black is Tarin, like someone said she's Michelle's daughter and works with M. The second girl i don't have idea. The one wearing a floral white dress is Maha Dakhil, Madonna's agent The last one is Shavawn Rissman