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  1. she looks gorgeous and the kids are adorable
  2. I'm so curious about this part. I love hearing about madonna's childhood. This is a great interview
  3. right?! it's midnight there, isn't it? where's she??
  4. I'm so proud. What an amazing day! I love this picture of Mercy http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/madonnas-adopted-malawian-daughter-mercy-james-makes-a-speech-during-picture-id812726938
  5. i think it's francis picabia
  6. i can't wait to see her. she looks gorgeous!!!
  7. and Mercy is always Mercy James I wonder if the press will use ciccone
  8. esther and stella playing in the snow.... does anyone know the source of this pic? madonna didn't post anything http://madonnaonline.com.br/2017/02/14/as-filhas-esther-e-stella-brincam-na-neve-em-ny/
  9. Great news! i'm sure they'll have a great life with madonna. and i love her children's names..