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  1. I can delete my second post as well if you like? Just say the word.

  2. I love this whole release strategy. Its on point. Release God Control with an amazing lyric video, perform it in Eurovision, then let that performance be “the video” for a couple of weeks then release the actual video. Controversy, etc. Crave. Then release Medellin upon album release (but produced with a consistent reggeton beat a la Bitch Im Loca) and everyone else the same, video etc. I would have then done Faz, then Dark Ballet and as a last single Batuka to end on an uplifiting tone with her singles.
  3. Honey Dijon is probably the coolest musician/ dj she s had remix a song in a while- this kinda thing makes a buzz.
  4. I love it! I think its simple but interesting and great. Love the parkour aspect of it. I prefer it to Turn Up the radio or celebration which didnt seem like they had much thought put into them but are still fun. Somethings better than nothing!
  5. Because its hard video to watch.... If it had been just the song with a carefree video I am sure it would have gotten a few more. A video for any of the songs would be amazing- even if its a Jump Kinda of video, live from show or animation even....
  6. He likes and wants the attention. Nothing to loose but the case and gain media interest for his current projects. Simple as that.
  7. There must obviously be a reason why they deleted- ie. rights granted or something. Maybe Billboard wanted to charge a lot for her to keep it on her Youtube? Who knows
  8. Yup- its more like listen to a radiohead or bjork album. Thats a good thing. It asks you to engage and focus.
  9. I havent listened to it as muc as the other albums even though i think its one of her best and i love it. i think it may have a little to do with the short promo which kept us engaged and going back to songs and videos when videos or promo came on after. Im sure a lot of us will go back to it more when the tour starts
  10. Hmmm maybe, but if they released the met gala performance why wouldnt they release this which had a lot more preparation amd higher production value go into it plus they spent money to film it?
  11. I wonder if they are waiting for around the tour time to upload the NY PRIDE performance to promote the tour
  12. Cool but with M performing with them it would be explosive and orgasmic
  13. Like 10% of the songs she performed were by herself....
  14. I saw Anitta in concert here in London (presented by Nile Rodgers) and audience went WILD for Faz Gostoso I didnt realize she had so many songs with Maluma + with Swae Lee
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