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  1. Eltacubo

    Performance vs Performance

    Open Your Heart (BAT) vs. Justify My Love (GS)
  2. Eltacubo

    Justin Timberlake thread

    “Timberlake told us as much at last night’s listening session, where cellphones were prohibited and vinyls fashioned to look like tree bark distributed. Part of the proceeds from the ticket sales benefited the National Parks Foundation, and there was a photo-booth featuring a log cabin and a fake gilded taxidermy. The whole thing reminded me of Lady Gaga’s rollout for Joanne – her own supposedly radical rebrand – which was sponsored by Bud Light and featured lots of cowboy hats. This time, though, the sponsor was American Express, and cowboy hats were exchanged for termite-themed hors d’oeuvres.” How dare they... MUSIC ALBUM ROR RELEASE Fall 2000.
  3. Eltacubo

    Bangkok - February 10

    That was one of the best Unapologetic Bitches so far for me- sure some have been more entertaining, bizarre, etc- but you can tell M really liked her and connected with her energy. The UB was strong, outgoing, fun- but could still display her vulnerability with strenght. I think thats why M responded to her. Really sweet the whole exchange. How she said: "You can do no wrong" and "I love you , you're a legend". Thanks Pod, you said it for all of us!!!
  4. It's amazing, I think it did go viral. It might have more of an impact than Secret Project. The general public might understand this peach better as well. However, Secret Project was necessary for her and her fans to speak so powerfuly, with so much love and conviction and LOVE during her speech.
  5. I cannot wait for these girls to be on stage with Madonna. They're just so amazing. Their moves in this video are actually very Madonna like in their own way. I think they complement her really well and we just saw the surface on the promo tour: The fact they are lovers is also amazing and so romantic. rebel hearts.
  6. Amazing interview. One of her best ever. So revealing. I'm sure her team did ask Howard *not* to ask about Christopher's Book or his interview with him. Of course he would have asked her about it from his first hand exchange with him. Totally understandable she doesn't want him to talk about it.
  7. lol of course she has! she's not taking it seriously and she's having fun and we're having fun with her
  8. Eltacubo

    itunes digital booklet

    Maybe since its so many people that worked on the record she is not that inclined to show the credits?
  9. Eltacubo

    London O2 Arena

    Live Pass still not working for me. If it doesn't work in the next 2 hours or so and/or I don't get a decent ticket because of a delay I will get ask for a refund. If you're going to put on the best show on earth, and ask for the world's most expensive prices, you better give us the a bulletproof ticket purchasing mechanism.
  10. Eltacubo

    London O2 Arena

    It says "wrong password for legacy tickets" maybe it is not taking Live pass tickets passwords yet?
  11. Eltacubo

    London O2 Arena

    Password is not working for me...
  12. Eltacubo

    London O2 Arena

    Oh god….. Oh well…, thats around £20 a month until the day of the concert….. 4 less pints for me ;-\
  13. Eltacubo

    London O2 Arena

    It was stated on the email they sent with the code: "Icon Live Pass pre-sale access begins @ 11am local time; so, your event may not yet be active on the ticketing site." ​Waiting…Wanting…Needing…..
  14. he was confident, didn't look down his notes at all (like the old italian interviewer) even though he could probably be madonna's son- he studied his shit, and knew how to keep the conversation going- all things M responds to. If you're gonna interview her (cause its your job) know your stuff and be good at it.