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  1. Amazing interview. One of her best ever. So revealing. I'm sure her team did ask Howard *not* to ask about Christopher's Book or his interview with him. Of course he would have asked her about it from his first hand exchange with him. Totally understandable she doesn't want him to talk about it.
  2. lol of course she has! she's not taking it seriously and she's having fun and we're having fun with her
  3. Maybe since its so many people that worked on the record she is not that inclined to show the credits?
  4. he was confident, didn't look down his notes at all (like the old italian interviewer) even though he could probably be madonna's son- he studied his shit, and knew how to keep the conversation going- all things M responds to. If you're gonna interview her (cause its your job) know your stuff and be good at it.
  5. Honestly, this to me is one of my favorite songs in this record. i can understand that it doesn't fit sonically…. but to me it is one of the strongest songs of the whole record, lyrically and melodically. The lyrics are so beautiful, so real, so vulnerable and strong at the same time…who can't relate to them? Would've been a great "one time off" single for the future.
  6. I know! But people study her celebrity, her videos, her image, her marketing strategies- not enough has been studied about her creative process- she will be eventually be remembered to be one of the greatest performers of pop culture so it would be a great thing if she documented it in her own ways. Same way she says she'll consider writing a biography eventually. Having said that I know keeping the mystery alive is a big part of the whole thing.
  7. I would like to know things about her performing: - What were your most favorite songs to perform on your last tour - What is your creative process for putting a tour together - What were some of your most memorable/ exciting concert experiences? - Would you ever consider making a documentary and/or book of a comprehensive "making of"a tour, starting with concept boards, ideas, to development of songs, dances, stage, etc. I know she did some of this with I'm going to tell a secret, but something thorough would be amazing to see or learn from. I don't have instagram…if someone wants to ask any of these questions (:
  8. I understand that- thats' the point of Promo. I do think $6.9 is excessive. Less than 5% of today's biggest acts will get enough money back from this kind of investment to justify it. This prices are inflated no doubt. This is why the music industry as we know is dying- who gets a hit has been determined by Labels / Radio / Concert Promoters. All prices inflated and people are just not going to be spending $20 on every single song they like (if they buy album i.e.) just so they maintain this Status Quo. The album is now a promotion element for the tour. The Tour being the what really makes money. Amazing music does need to be made in order to keep interest and legacy alive. But you can't be spending $10 dollars to promote an album only. This is why when Rebel Heart leaked back in January they didn't even change their promotional plans- they didn't care so much that the album had leaked because their main priority is not to promote the album only- it is to promote the tour in the context of this album. Anyways…. its an industry thats influx and its interesting to see how each artist deals with it differently.
  9. In relation to what gets played on radio and what doesn't: "Blurred Lines" the single cost 6.9 million dollars to become a hit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/melindanewman/2015/03/05/heres-how-it-cost-6-9-million-to-make-robin-thickes-blurred-lines-a-hit/
  10. Yes I'm serious. I know Waiting has lyrics from Justify My Love, but to me it was more exciting to think of Waiting when listening to Best Night cause its a Gem we haven't heard of since the Erotica album release. Plus there are a lot of Erotica vibes through out Rebel Heart. That's all.
  11. She's using lyrics from Erotica's "Waiting" in the spoke part. I think its an amazing song
  12. it would be amazing if she recreated this image for the Ghostown video…. it's a mix of early 80s look, The Immaculate Collection and like you said something "out of an Arabian Silent Movie" and Joan of Arc no less. It's a very powerful image.
  13. guys, remember- these guys need a "narrative" a "conflict" in order for the read to become interesting. they feel its boring if they say "it is amazing+++++" …. they need to say, "she almost made it, but not quite", then the reader wants to read why. i honestly feel though that a 4/5 review is fair for this album--- you have to review it in the context of her body of work and it stands alongside LAP and ROL and Music comfortably, thats the truth.
  14. they need to release the living for drums remix, specially after she performed it…. just sayin' ya'llz
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