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  1. WTF JUST HAPPEND. WHAT BRILLIANCE DID I JUST WATCH? I was really not expecting that. this. THAT WAS AMAZING. MAKES YERN FOR SO MUCH, SO MORE MUCH. That was beautiful.
  2. Nevermind MDNA Cordoba when there was a power black out for 50 minutes and M not only entertained the crowd during that time and gave it her all- but finished the show after. Professional.
  3. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    I love tha shot of the paparazzi running at the end when shes singinf music, and M is jus trolling him...lol...
  4. I agree- but I think her reasoning is you can find that at on youtube from fan filmed videos- so how can her version be unique?
  5. Madonna Instagram thread

    Lol she is not being nice to "us" necessarily, she says "all" and puts a picture of her big ass from 2008. She s making a point. Bitchs being shady and i love it.
  6. I LIVE!!!!!!!

    I was secretely hoping she would perform GT Monsieur Adi remix for TOAC! Would be magical. maybe some day (;
  7. Loved the performance. Great energy. Just the pure joy of her performing. Its that mix of M enjoying herself, working so hard and in a way trying to prove herself that gives that magic combination- from day one: You can tell that middle backup singer was in awe of Madonna through out the whole performance, check her out in the youtube link: THIS IS TOTALLY THE SAME ACTION SHE DOES on Rain during the Girlie Show, makes me so happy and nostalgic: Having said all that; Her vocals were great, specially the lower ones. It did feel a bit strained in the higher notes- and one thing I'll say is she is uses the vibratto too much in a monotone way ("meee" / "see") which she also did the prince tribute. In a way it sounds like she is trying to hard she when does it (reminds me a bit of the Power of Goodbye performances). In a way the Tears of a Clown performance of Borderline sounded really nice because she wasnt doing that and was just having fun with it without trying to impress vocally. I get her though- she was given SO much shit for the Prince tribute it will only make you self conscious and try so hard. The beauty is that she goes for it and is up for the challenge. The beauty of it is that she is fighter. The beauty of it is that she has given us such a beautiful performance for no reason. Thanks M! I really do hope she does the Tears of a Clown soon very soon- a more intimate story telling, in smaller venues with really experimental interactive technology which utilizes both her hits and obscure songs that we all love.
  8. Kinda glas there wasnt another RBT leg- as much as i wouldve liked one: instead tiring herself to the point of not doing anything for a year, she is eager to go out there and do things. Its amazing to have her be so active.
  9. Maybe they asked Obama what his favorite song is and he said Borderline? That would make more sense
  10. MADONNA at the MET Gala! STUNNING!!!

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BE7OCHghqMG/ Video
  11. I'm Breathless appreciation thread!

    Omg can you guys believe Mandy Patitkin is the guy from Homeland the series?!?!?!?! I just made the connection after all these years!!!! http://thefw.com/mandy-patinkin-dick-tracy-then-and-now/
  12. I think yes- Madonna could step up her game in terms of making sure her material does not leak, and it is delivered to the market and audience in the best way possible. We can blame Guy all we want, but ultimately it is M's choice who she hires as part of her team- and seeing that the way all her material has leaked since forever in goes to show she is not hiring the best people. Part of the impact of Beyonce is the fact that her last two albums were surprise releases- having so many people involved not just in music writing, production but also filming videos! This creates more of an impact as we all know. Had RH not leaked it wouldve faired much more as a success- it sold fine for today's standards- but critics unfairly perceive it as "not doing so well" unfairly, because they release seem sloppy: leaks after leaks, surprise first 6 tracks released before xmas including lead single, then months to get any video for lead single and actual kick off of promotion. We cant deny that it is brilliant planning and execution on Beyonce's part that she debuted the visual album on HBO, release the album that night on Tidal, and then she will have her first opening date of the tour tomorrow. Now on to the whole videos for the whole album. I think we can all agree that Madonna was one of the original music video pioneers. It would have been a natural transition for her to do a visual album. I think because M gave so much to her past videos she lost interest when at a certain point music video input did not give back the returns given. But people can tell the difference between videos like Celebration and TUTR and videos like Bad Girl and Vogue...and even GAYL and even LFL which was simple but REALLY well done. Even BIM was well. Beyonce worked with Jonas Arkerlund and Mark Romanek- two guys that worked with M. If M was able to mix her passion for directing films, her social justice work of Secret Project, with her musical projects and create a visual album that then translated or was part of a live show- I have no doubt that not only would it be so special to all of us fans but she would do something way more amazing than what Beyonce has done. Everyone is raving about Beyonce creating something so personal about personal experience and making her problems into art- but c'mon people M has been doing this since LAP. So Yes, I do hope M is able to find the inspiration to do a long form musical project that is married to a live show. Tears of a Clown would be an amazing project for that I think.
  13. STRIKE A POSE documentary

    This is all so great and meta: a documentary about a documentary about a tour from an album.....and not just any album... Like a Prayer. It's a beautiful way to come full circle around the message of expressing yourself, freedom and loving yourself. Looking forward to seeing it. I am sure if it is as good as it seems M will be happy about it. A continuation of her work. Would be great if she talked about it.
  14. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Do you guys think Madonna has a British Citizenship? Random, I know- but she did marry Guy and live in the UK for long enough. She would not have to pay UK taxes if she lives in the US (which is not the case the other way around). Also a possibility she could have the Italian passport from her grandparents....but I would find that unlikely.