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  1. Madonna new album in 2018

    oooor ray of light?
  2. Ring My Bell

    You mean Forbidden Love?
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I'm gonna be okay I don't care what the papers say She doesn't give a!
  4. As a homework, watch Kiss me once and/or Aphrodite tour!
  5. You did your homework, so maybe I will give you more I wouldn’t call Kylie a “local factory relic star from the 80s”, that title was reserved for Cindy last time I checked. Kylie might have been one (minus relic part) in the beginning, but she turned out to be a great performer, a showgirl, as is written in her (recent) tour credits - Showgirl: Kylie Minogue. Also, I personally know several women who fought the big C, and praised Kylie for going public about her battle, so kudos for that. God, I didn’t know I like her this much… And yes, her tour from 1991 feels… reductive. But hey, If M can wear Kylie Minogue t-shirt, then I don’t have a problem with her either. She is not my favorite, but she is great performer, charming, warm and pleasant, in other words - light. From time to time, I love to watch Aphrodite or Kiss Me Once tour and enjoy socially accepted gay porn combined with great arrangements and choreographies (okay, costumes are a bit cheap, but you can't have everything). In reality, no one comes close to M, in terms of writing and producing music, putting on a show, having a message, provoking people, governments and denominations - literally. She is Wonder woman. As I said before, no one comes close to M, and I believe everyone is aware of it, say it out loud or not. What I love about M is her duality. She can be so light and careless, but she will also write a song about breaking your leg and she will scream at you to drive, bitch! She loves to make people uncomfortable, and that is priceless. In a world of polite, smile-and-nod celebrities who agree with all sorts of shit, she was the first one who made her own rules, and that is one of the reasons I fell in love with her. A true star. For me she really is a dark force, she provokes, inspires, makes you wanna fight, persist and resist. Too much light can hurt your eyes, but in the dark, your eyes adapt and you can see the thing you didn't see before. Thanks, evolution! Long story short, I am in her gang. Back to studying *plays “Iconic” on repeat*
  6. Oh honey! Have you ever heard of a metaphor? See you in classroom.
  7. Few days ago I read Kylie's Wiki page. And the inevitable part was comparison between Madonna. "Where they truly diverge on the pop-culture scale is in shock value. Minogue's clips might draw a gasp from some but Madonna's ignite religious and political debate unlike any other artist on the planet ... Simply, Madonna is the dark force; Kylie is the light force." To sum up the difference between M and any other star, instead of Kylie insert any other name from the list :)That’s it! I really like the dark force comparison
  8. maybe (or hopefully?), she is trolling us and actually prepping RH movie for a dvd release
  9. this is a punishment for that rebel heart dvd cover.
  10. yes yes yes! gus gus and röyksopp, please :) and i still hope that she and roisin murphy will collaborate. also, i would love to see (hear) her with annie and ssion :)
  11. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    i want this photo on my ID
  12. living for love and secret played at ikea few days ago