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  1. yea. that's what i think too Madonna played 2 different characters, we see that she is writing the video "God Control" and she sees things she pictures what happened in the night club. and then we see disco donna shot in the club, but then we see her at the end after getting mugged then at her apartment. this is what i'm confused about did she die at the night club or did she die because jumped of the ledge outside of her apartment? Madonna did just such an amazing job on this video. even thought very hard to watch.
  2. I'm confused about something in the video. the blonde Madonna did she die in the beginning? because we see her at the end in her apartment at the end then she goes out on the ledge.
  3. https://people.com/crime/madonna-worries-about-kids-gun-violence-same-fear-every-mother/
  4. the video was epic i hope it gets talked about everywhere. I have to be honest the being was really hard to watch I felt sick. I can't imagine how scared people were at that night club or ANYWHERE. it was just so heartbreaking. Madonna did such a good job i'm so proud to call myself a Madonna fan!
  5. OMG. i can't wait but i'm scared of the ending. but it will be epic.
  6. I love the disco video she posted. BUT ITA i'm worried about the ending too I hope it's not to gory. I feel so bad for people who were victims in the plus night club shootings or any for that matter i bet it will be so hard for them to watch this video.
  7. does anyone know what time Madonna's performance is?
  8. wow it looks very dark scary and dramatic. I know it's gonna be heartbreaking and epic at the same time.
  9. that's why i wanted both. Maybe in the future i'll get the UK one i'm too lazy to wait for it to come and I only like the Funana song from the bonus songs.
  10. I bought both Target Deluxe and Standard the booklets have different pics.
  11. I'm just guessing. I'm so confused about this waiting for Anitta thing. lol
  12. I wonder do you think Anitta is going to perform with M at pride?
  13. Oh. I don't really understand this whole apple lab thing is about. lol
  14. is the apple lab and pride the only events that are left?
  15. thanks. i saw it now. it's my favorite interview from this era so far!
  16. wow. imagine seeing her at the store i would faint. lol
  17. I HAVE MISSED HER NY BATHROOM SO MUCH. LOL and i'm getting Justify my love vibes of her in the bra. lol
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