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  1. wow. she's going to type i guess i have a feeling she will open with GC.
  2. it's 9:30 now so i would guess she will come on soon since fireworks are at 10?
  3. me either i keep checking the Madonna tags on IG surely someone will post some clips. lol
  4. can we stop talking about her butt and just enjoy her performance?
  5. does anyone know what time M will take the stage
  6. yikes! the weather is really bad here severe thunderstorms tmr.
  7. ITA. it's a great song I just love everything about the Madame X album.
  8. exactly Madonna is the first person to write a song and make a video about Gun Control that I have seen.
  9. wow. i'm kind of shocked it seems Emma only wants money. At least Madonna did a video about Gun Violence i don't see any other sings making videos and educating people.
  10. YAY. I think that I rise is kind of a continuation of GC
  11. good. i'm glad she's singing god control!
  12. oh. thank you for explaining that i was confused if the last scene at her apartment what happened it's confusing how it goes backwards. She gets robbed before she goes to the club though?
  13. once in a while when she first started singing i liked some songs but then she started singing pop and all of her songs are horrible. Madonna sings great songs and released great videos i'm so proud of Madonna for spreading this message. I was watching the debate tonight and they were talking about gun violence and what a national crisis it is today. I wonder if Madonna purposely released "God Control" today or it's just a coincidence.
  14. Taylor's video was ridiculous all her music sounds the same and her video's are cheap and just stupid.
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