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  1. juliebean

    Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    Rihanna arrived a few hours before this happened she's safe according to DM.
  2. juliebean

    Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    I just heard about this i'm sick. So many innocent people dead including children. stay safe everyone.
  3. juliebean

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    OMG much more people would of died including children.. http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/06/13/orlando-terrorist-omar-mateen-scouted-disney-world-potential-target-report-says
  4. juliebean

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    just sick. my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people. The sandy hook shooting was one of the most horrific crimes all those innocent children so young that did nothing wrong.
  5. juliebean

    New attack in Paris

    that's so sad that poor little baby and father.
  6. juliebean

    New attack in Paris

    I'm still in shock and so sad I just don't know how something like this could happen. Praying for Paris.
  7. don't know if this has been posted but BIM without music it's so funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=X579raKjc7Y
  8. I would love a Joan of arc video.
  9. oh that's a shame that would of been fun.
  10. what happened to the pool and pool rafts like the pizza one? Wasn't there supposed to be a pool party?
  11. dissing COADF album is so not cool. LMAO!
  12. Olga was in the video too I heard her barking in the background. LMAO
  13. I liked the video it was fun! like a party I loved all the bright colors and M's outfit was awesome. I don't know why their are people complain about it.
  14. can someone post the video? i don't care abt the frozen part i wanna seee. lol
  15. ugh. i heard Beyonce's husband sold tidal to facebook for 900 mill too.