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  1. I love her hair in reinvention
  2. beautiful pic! but does she ever sleep? lol
  3. ITA. I love seeing her without make up and tons of pics photoshoot, it's just like they are hanging around it's so different from other photoshoot's and it's unique.
  4. Thanks! but the very first pic in the zip says corrupt and won't open.
  5. wow! she looks great. I love the video where she's talking it looks like a movie.
  6. yea in the hotel. someone that was by the pool saw Madonna and they were grainy ig pics..
  7. I know right. That was so funny. And that iconic scene where she pours candle wax on William Dafoe. lmao
  8. i thought it was a shall but yes. I also wanted some real HQ pics of her by the pool but their weren't any just fan pics.
  9. we need more of these ig posts LOL
  10. Me too. and I love her dress so colorful, and the hat and glasses. lol