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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    At first sight, I thought she painted a penis
  2. Where is the Sean/ Madonna picture?
  3. Madonna Instagram thread

    Looks like skiing holidays so probably not THAT recent
  4. Madonna for Vogue Germany April 2017 issue

    No, actually it is an article about her, not by her. So they praise her for being avantgarde and recognize, how she brought ideals into mainstream, whose legitimacy we only realized later on. so no, nothing new, but a huge praise for a change, which is nice
  5. Madonna for Vogue Germany April 2017 issue

    Actually it seems to be the 8th :(
  6. Madonna Instagram thread

    Rocco's girlfriend looks like Lola
  7. She probably thinks: Rather you than me
  8. I think she took away my fear of being different when I was a teenager. And she was empowering, especially as a woman
  9. Madonna out and about pics

    The girl with the orange jacket looks like Lola, I hope she's there as well
  10. Madonna: RARE Part X

    I don't get it. Whatever. I don't see what your problem is
  11. I do have kind of a shrine, but only with my favorite lyrics over my bed. It doesn't seem too obsessive - I hope
  12. Madonna: RARE Part X

    So?That was what I was saying; m, Paula and Melani just look very different from her. You can see Madonna Fortin's genes in them and joan's in Jennifer
  13. Madonna: RARE Part X

    You can see exactly which are the Fortin genes, if you compare Jennifer to the rest of the sisters!
  14. Yes, I saw it directly after I sent my entry
  15. Haha, I think the last sentence, something like 'it`s a cool time to be alive' is spoken by lola. Sounds totally like her