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  1. So much love and respect for M! I hope they put this on YouTube soon
  2. Totally blown away by this song and video! The song could have been 20 minutes, never want it to end
  3. It would be amazing to see her on SNL again!
  4. Ray of Light Confessions on a Dance Floor Like A Prayer
  5. i wonder who she called an asshole at the beginning of LAV. i was there but wasn't close enough to see ha
  6. Is there another link? The folder won't unzip for some reason
  7. I'll be there!!! The work day can't end soon enough!!
  8. Interesting! I totally thought it'd be used. Maybe it's for MDNA Skin lol
  9. What song was that Instagram pic she shared with the wig/glasses a while back? I thought it'd be for the SEX interlude (haven't watched any videos)
  10. Bad Girl Take A Bow Nothing Really Matters Swim
  11. seeing her in up for grabs was a surreal experience, thanks for sharing!
  12. love it! it's totally how i imagined it would be... so colorful and fun!
  13. just bought them on itunes! now i just need new fanmade art to replace the current one lol
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