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  1. I've been thinking about this as well - it seems like Missy never mentions her anymore on social so I'm wondering if they had a falling out of sorts?
  2. i wanted to reply to guy and say no ha. we don't need another hard candy!
  3. yikes! i blocked both of these performances from my mind - definitely didn't do her any good. where was her management and why didn't they stop her
  4. Blasphemy! Erotica AND Ray of Light are both masterpieces
  5. Love this thread! - I totally had to vote ROL, LAP and Erotica (which is great cause I guess I never realized that it was lyrically an amazing album - until I thought about it). MDNA will always be the weakest (TUTR, Superstar, BIRTHDAY SONG!)
  6. She'll always draw the crowds cause it's Madonna - I think the issue with selling out lately is the bad press she gets / negative reviews you'll see on ticket sites for being hours late. I really think that's why we've seen that happen, especially for RHT.
  7. Anyone have the audio tracks to download?
  8. I loved it! LION was the highlight for me, she even brought back some of the Confessions moves for it. Anyone know who the artist who did those clown images behind her during that song?
  9. birthday song is probably one of her weakest songs ever. not sure how it even happened lol
  10. i actually like this version of hung up - the worst for me was the metal version for s&s
  11. S&S was probably my least favorite tour - but that performance of ITG was life! i was so surprised that i left with that performance being the highlight for me vs. new songs.
  12. I'm always surprised to see the nice comments on Instagram for Aldo and Luke... do people really like them? Cause I don't!
  13. This looks like a lot of the shit I see on Instagram lol
  14. where did the rumor start? i'd love it to be true!
  15. Ray of Light Confessions on a Dance Floor Like A Prayer