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  1. love it! it's totally how i imagined it would be... so colorful and fun!
  2. just bought them on itunes! now i just need new fanmade art to replace the current one lol
  3. Old(ish) Songs: Ghosttown, Joan of Arc, Unapologetic Bitch New Songs: Body Shop! Holy Water, Rebel Heart
  4. so excited for you hector! ask her to sing bad girl on her next tour lol
  5. Someone asked if I did, it's like... Well obviously
  6. I debated writing back to those folks but it's not worth it. There's always gonna be the haters. Some of the other requests have been quite funny tho!
  7. I can't wait to delete my profile, totally only joined for this (boyfriend approval came first lol). So far I've been call an idiot and pathetic. Nice people out there!
  8. I've had this on repeat since it was released last night! It's sad but hopeful
  9. Rosie @Rosie · 14h14 hours ago MADONNA - THE ORIGINAL- THE BEST - LIVING FOR LOVE 0 replies318 retweets778 favorites Reply Retweet318 Favorited778
  10. Seriously? The video has been out for a little over 24 hours and I'd hardly consider over 1m views very bad. I work in the industry and most artists would kill for numbers like this.
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