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  1. i'm glad he made his insta private - usually when his art pops up in my recommended photos i get mad
  2. How about the first time we saw this....

    i actually like this version of hung up - the worst for me was the metal version for s&s
  3. Rebel Heart Tour: best fan made cover art?

    I'm always surprised to see the nice comments on Instagram for Aldo and Luke... do people really like them? Cause I don't!
  4. RHT Audio (From Chicago) HQ

    i wonder who she called an asshole at the beginning of LAV. i was there but wasn't close enough to see ha
  5. RHT Audio (From Chicago) HQ

    Is there another link? The folder won't unzip for some reason
  6. CHICAGO:September 28

    I'll be there!!! The work day can't end soon enough!!
  7. Interesting! I totally thought it'd be used. Maybe it's for MDNA Skin lol
  8. What song was that Instagram pic she shared with the wig/glasses a while back? I thought it'd be for the SEX interlude (haven't watched any videos)
  9. maybe we'll get a teaser or some pics this week, i'm so excited!
  10. I really hope she sings...

    Bad Girl Take A Bow Nothing Really Matters Swim
  11. love it! it's totally how i imagined it would be... so colorful and fun!
  12. Bitch I'm Madonna Remixes are out!

    just bought them on itunes! now i just need new fanmade art to replace the current one lol
  13. Most played RH songs so far?

    Old(ish) Songs: Ghosttown, Joan of Arc, Unapologetic Bitch New Songs: Body Shop! Holy Water, Rebel Heart

    this album is insane, i absolutely love it!!
  15. Madonna On Grindr, Contest!

    so excited for you hector! ask her to sing bad girl on her next tour lol