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  1. yes (not a reeeeeally good musician) but he got a nice voice for real. He got the looks. Will keep an eye on his ass music once in a while. Working with great collaborator could potentially make some goods songs
  2. I hope so. Pretty sure on latin american concerts. Maybe L.A etc Especially if she does something à la unapologetic bitch moment.
  3. Just because One of the sexiest smile. A great start for the JO session
  4. I just listened to her album. Wow I’m more than impress. She totally won me with that little tribute to The Office. Well produced. She propose a real alternative sound in pop right now I love it. The melodies are really great the music off trend but with the pop touches it needs. I’m a new fan. Bad guy is already a classic of this year. The last part is perfection.
  5. Every Friday I go through the new music release playlist on spotify, listen all the songs. Not the full song but a bit of each. Keep the ones I like. I try to be aware of the new artist that way. Once in a while, I listen to the popular songs to see what I have missed, or not. I do the same for few other countries like Norway, Australia and UK. To see what others like and I have usually similar taste with those countries.
  6. Italy and Norway are the best songs IMO
  7. I will watch it for sure. I just want to understand one thing, do we know how the parents was convinced to let their children slept there. I don't want to blame other people than Micheal for that but I mean, it did not ring any alarms to someone? Even if it's Jackson I would have never let my 10 years old slept their like just the sound of that = pedophilia
  8. There's my theory. Yes it is pedophilia in terms that he had sexually abused children. I do believe Michael had a mental problem connected with the fact he never really grow up in his mind. He always been this young teen in his mind trap in an adult body. (that's great for music but it's not an excuses for what he did) Everything he did is pretty bad dont get me wrong but I consider that it was not pedophilia like usual. It is terrible for the victims and I don't want to defend Michael, I just think that along with Micheal's behaviors people knew he had a mental problem for sure, and nobody tried to stop him. (I think?) Sorry I did not watch the documentary yet so maybe I get few things wrong. When I was young during his trial, it seems to be something pretty common knowledge that he was a pedophile so i'm not surprise at all. Did the aggression continued after the trial?
  9. Her latest album is really amazing. A true real pop indie album
  10. Yes at first I really thought it was a new Gwen stefani song. She has more power and flexibility but yes a lot of similarities at the same time. P
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