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  1. Express yourself Then open your heart Vogue Nobody knows me Then frozen GGW Revolver Then gang bang. She often did a mid tempo song as second or third song. I really see madonna say alright blabla city. You can call me M tonight and then. The lyrics goes on
  2. Or something really party Level 100% BIM Give it 2 me Celebration Music Iconic all in one big mash up
  3. The first act I see something Like BIM Best night Deeper and deeper (with rescue me) Nobody knows me Addicted (M playing guitar) Devil prays
  4. The more and more I listen to BIM I think it should be the opening number!!
  5. I kinda love when people says that she's too old blabla because she's getting more and more angry and can do so many great things just to shut people up.
  6. I only receive the 2n Edmonton date email that day... you think I should write them a email? I will receive the physical cd with amazon but while I'm waiting...
  7. Yesterday, I bought a live pass, and bought tickets with evenko...
  8. Question, Official Madonna say: Every North American ticket purchased online will come with an digital download of the SUPER DELUXE version of “Rebel Heart” which includes 6 bonus tracks (including 4 previously unreleased studio tracks). But I bought ticket for Montreal and did not get any digital download of the super deluxe.... Did I miss something, or is it available yet??
  9. Silly me I didn't see I was posted right here on the same page!!! Guilty of silliness
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