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  1. I agree ! Even like a American life live from Madame x could be use for a good promo
  2. I really think she should re-release Madame X with one/or 2 new songs. With a powerful meaning single. The rest of the album speak for itself. Everybody knows the damn truth.
  3. I heard Crave a few time in Italy last september/october
  4. I'm not 100% sure about it. Yes god control is THE song but release this song first and people would have die listening to madame X and realized this is the only disco vibe song of the whole album. I think God control as a first single would had mislead the people into the wrong direction of what Madame X is.
  5. Not when she recorded with Avicci who suffered from addiction.
  6. SUPERSTAR --------FUNANA---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VOGUE
  7. I, maybe naively, think that they have to said that. People are mainly afraid and stuck in this spiral were if it's illegal, is the government tells you it's bad, must be right. Since promoting the existence of the LGBTQ+ is forbidden it might afraid people to speak their truth outside what the government tells you. THAT SAID. Pretty sad to see that the human rights are completely shut away after the Olympics. It was all over the news at that time and if political forces from all around the globe were just a bit more oppressive toward Russia. I still don't know why it is still tolerate. THAT SAID, Russia is just one of many also... This is just surreal to think it's still an issue. On another level, classic dictatorship moves to blame a particular group/groups for everything while the main problem is the government itself.
  8. God Control Crave Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca IDSIF
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