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  1. My suggestions: Ray of light (song) needs a comeback I would open the tour with a classic this time (music/hung up/everybody) Hung up close to the original please Don't tell me/American life/Jump/give it 2 me/into the groove should be on the setlist And just because it's my fav of all time GET TOGETHER PLZ
  2. I would die for another performance of Get together honestly.
  3. Girl gone wild. I’m a sinner. Love spent. Beautiful killer could be perform any times
  4. YannBouch

    New Album Means New Tour

    I can see nothing fails being part of the futur setlist. With the latest Instagram posts. It got this vibe imo
  5. YannBouch

    New Album Means New Tour

    M Dolla for ever !!!!
  6. Get together is my favorite song so I’m in anytime any version even if it’s an illusion I don’t care. Hung up. Dance version with ABBA sample need to be on the next tour. Jump is a would be a crowed pleasure for sure. Is still a radio song play often. At least here in canada. She performed songs on rht that I thought would never be performed ever so everything is possible. Deeper and deeper. Love don’t live here anymore. True blue. Material girl. All big surprise for me coadf is unfairly ignore for obscure reason. As American life also outside dad and nkm. Hollywood could fit perfectly anywhere. American life could fit with the political context. With Mirwais in the game for m14. Likely a bit more dance electronic m dance song could lead us to some reinvention of coadf and American life in many ways.
  7. The first time for me was montreal 2008 for the sticky and sweet, I started to really discover Madonna at 13 yo with confession. The hung up video when she walks in that black letter jacket, oh my god, I dreamt about this so much. Then even if a lot of people criticize the tour, I mean the intro of S&S, the throne, the boots, her hair, the way she goes down the stairs, oh my god it was something. I got tears in my eyes just remember how my 16teen self was impress and at the beginning of the best journey of my life. Second time MDNA TOUR quebec city, I was pretty far tho from the stage. 70 000 people outside, the energy was amazing. and two times for the rebel heart tour. Got a mini meltdown waiting for ghosttown the first night, but the second one was the best, her energy was on top, she was sexy as fuck. I mean the music dress is one of her best look ever. Never saw her first row tho. EDIT: add my view of the show
  8. YannBouch

    New Album Means New Tour

    On a serious level, I want her to open with a classic this time. Music, ray of light, hung up or express yourself. I don't know it will depend when i'll listen to m14. Can you imagine hung up, some extended remix but not that far from the original and then we hear "time goes by, so slowly " All of us would faint for sure
  9. YannBouch

    New Album Means New Tour

    Can't wait until M-DOLLA include Candy shop as the last song for the next tour, making us sing "my sugar is raw" again and again while clapping our hands
  10. It took me years to forget her "perfect autotune voice" during the sticky and sweet tour while her echo is her raw voice. Otherwise, rebel heart is the worst edit of thing. It's just to fast, and the most wonderful and bright moment of the act with music is all in black and white. Candy shop is the only good piece edited not at the extreme. IMO when I see a dvd when the artist were 60 costumes during the same song I just can't. It's my little OCD moment but damn, her hair and the costume change during deeper and deeper and Like a virgin really disturb me. Even worst with LFL and La isla.
  11. YannBouch

    Troye Sivan

    Is EP what good to be honest, but my my my is really catchy!!
  12. YannBouch

    Justin Timberlake thread

    lovestoned is THE best song from JT ever Bought tickets for Montreal, can't wait to see him live!!
  13. YannBouch

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Have you tried listen to it very loud like he said haha gets even better It's so different from what we heard now in pop music. It will create a trend pretty sure about it.
  14. YannBouch

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He is king of pop for sure. It is so different from all the dance EDM song rn. it is something between his futur love/sex song and tove lo Disco tits Unconventional but good pop music. It will help shift the sound we have now.
  15. The intro was soo good. The Are you with me part is soo good. Highlight are Iconie. Devil pray. Heartbreak city. Deeper and deeper. Living for love. Sex interlude. Mdley dress you up. Rebel heart was cool. Music candy shop are the best!! La vie en rose pretty amazing. And holiday okay Idk. I feel like it was missing something. Maybe I was around old sitting people that are the casual fans. MISS GHOSTTOWN. Again. Usuallly I know everything of the show. Not this time and I hated that. Maybe that is why. More comment tomorrow after the other concert. I have to say from the 3 I saw. I will rank rebel tour for now bottom 3 :/. I know. I have this strane feeling in me. You might now how intense I am with M. And idk. I feel strange about this show. Not super exited. Again I'm really tired. I will talk more tomorrow. Btw still an incredible show dont get me wrong.