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  1. I, maybe naively, think that they have to said that. People are mainly afraid and stuck in this spiral were if it's illegal, is the government tells you it's bad, must be right. Since promoting the existence of the LGBTQ+ is forbidden it might afraid people to speak their truth outside what the government tells you. THAT SAID. Pretty sad to see that the human rights are completely shut away after the Olympics. It was all over the news at that time and if political forces from all around the globe were just a bit more oppressive toward Russia. I still don't know why it is still tolerate. THAT SAID, Russia is just one of many also... This is just surreal to think it's still an issue. On another level, classic dictatorship moves to blame a particular group/groups for everything while the main problem is the government itself.
  2. And yes breaking news, we have to think marketing in those modern days to make yourself heard so...
  3. Express yourself Then open your heart Vogue Nobody knows me Then frozen GGW Revolver Then gang bang. She often did a mid tempo song as second or third song. I really see madonna say alright blabla city. You can call me M tonight and then. The lyrics goes on
  4. Or something really party Level 100% BIM Give it 2 me Celebration Music Iconic all in one big mash up
  5. The first act I see something Like BIM Best night Deeper and deeper (with rescue me) Nobody knows me Addicted (M playing guitar) Devil prays
  6. The more and more I listen to BIM I think it should be the opening number!!
  7. I kinda love when people says that she's too old blabla because she's getting more and more angry and can do so many great things just to shut people up.
  8. I only receive the 2n Edmonton date email that day... you think I should write them a email? I will receive the physical cd with amazon but while I'm waiting...
  9. Yesterday, I bought a live pass, and bought tickets with evenko...
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