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  1. because David reused to the idea of filming Hung up on the metro.. because of the accident
  2. Music, American Life and Ghosttown are great Jump, Celebration and ROL just OK and really similar. BIM will be on this group.
  3. Thank you Jacket I think the same. Madonna fans need get a life, understand that these plataforms dont make sense.
  4. No more singles. This will be the last one. If we are lucky Devil pray as the fourth single but ia difficult
  5. Well, Nicki is all month on holyday because the tour stars on June again so, the video is going to be filmed this month. Last week, exactly.
  6. Obviously. No Nicki = No hit. The industry sucks. Please Janet Jackson come back.
  7. has any rebel heart single done good guy? No matter what release as a single. It will flop anyway. BIM is the only song which can beat the top 100 on USA.
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