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  1. I already want to choke people who walk down the street looking down at their phones without looking where they're going... this just made things worse.
  2. madmark


  3. Kind of loving pop princesses Alexandra Stan and Inna lately, lol... especially the middle eastern meets European vibe of Alexandra's "Ecoute"
  4. YES, I like the new Jessy Lanza too!!
  5. The new Niki & The Dove album has some amazing tracks on it. I LOVED their last album so much. It's called "Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now" I can't stop bopping to the track "Coconut Kiss"
  6. So apparently there is a Vanity 6 album in Prince's vault??? Not sure if this has been brought here anywhere. So exciting if true!
  7. madmark

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    His videos are popping up on youtube now... all i can say is wow to this orgasmic song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLnJQIONWUA
  8. madmark

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    Oh and "Sexy Dancer"!!! Which Peaches remade as well, haha. So many peeps remade his songs. Name some more songs, especially alt ones if you've named a top ten!!
  9. madmark

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    So many are mentioned already but I also love the song "Come" from the album of the same name (very Erotica-ish) And one of his 2000 songs, "Fury" http://www.universal-music.de/prince/videos/detail/video:87738/fury
  10. madmark

    Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    I liked it immediately but now I'm kinda obsessed with it. Stuart Price and PSB are an amazing combo!
  11. She really put her heart and soul into the writing and concept for this era. And you're right, so much of it applies to things that have happened. Which is why I get annoyed when people think she's just trying to sell an album when saying #RebelHeart. It's a concept, a character, her life, and the lives of anybody who wants to take something from it!
  12. My BF is a massive Vanity/Vanity 6 fan (he has her pictures up on the walls and I have Madonna, haha). He's pretty upset tonight. RIP to her. I love a bunch of her songs myself.
  13. I love "Chasing Shadows".... she's such a cool girl, love her!
  14. I was going to pick Blood Diamonds because what he did for the album is pretty impressive, but then upon re-seeing the tracks Toby Gad was behind, I picked him!
  15. Madonna definitely still has a huge interest online when she releases music (or her music gets leaked, lol).