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  1. God Control Come alive Crazy Dark Ballet Batuka
  2. Like a prayer was not her worst but definitely not her best vocal performance. I'm tired of the Casio version as well. Future was pure Madonna for me. The song, the backdrop videos, the choreography, the message were on point... the only downer was Quavo... His stage presence is pretty... correction he has no stage presence at all
  3. 1. Crave 10/10 : The melody, the song, she is baaaaack and I’m loving it so much 2. Medellín 9/10: the song structure and the intelligence of Mirwais production +M&M sexiness 3. I rise: 8/10 : soooo Madonna, the message the last minute of the song give me chills
  4. Her best single since Hung up for me! Played it to a few friends and everybody loved it
  5. Being there and compare to Montreal crowd they were dead. Honnestly this crowd did not deserve Ghosttown. The show was amazing. i had the chance to see her closer than ever. She is soooooo beautiful.... The eyes the voice, the energy, and the way she move! The queen!!!!!!
  6. Quebec city want everyting that Montreal have but they seems to forget that they dont have the population lol... The proof is how a simple arena became a big deal there ...
  7. Sorry in advance for my English. For me, this lady always deliver the best show on Earth. With the RHT, she is the accessible Icon that I dreamed of. With this tour, i really felt that I spent 2 hours with Madonna. You can't compare this show from the previous ones (as always with a Madonna show) but the proximity that I felt with her was never like this on the previous tours that I saw. Forget the choregraphy stuff and all that shit. She melt my heart and it is obvious that The main intention Here is to prove that she is accessible. Can't wait to see her again in Toronto!!!!
  8. 1-Rebel heart 2-Ray of Light 3-American Life 4-Like A Prayer 5-Erotica 6-Music 7-Mdna 8- Confession on a Dancefloor 9- Bedtime Stories 10-Hard Candy 11-True Blue 12-Madonna 13-Like a Virgin
  9. 1. Ghosttown 2. Devil Pray 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Living for love 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna
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