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  1. It's about a fan who was at the front of the crowd at one of the MDNA tour dates - "Did you stare at me hard enough trying to be a boss, better get in line tickets are gonna cost". And "Your always ahead of my time" refers to different time zones and posting photos on the net.
  2. Maybe the IG with Mercy swimming has something to do with Tidal? If I was her I wouldn't premiere on Tidal - what's the point?
  3. I was making noises like I had been stabbed! WTF! It was such a shock. It was because she went down two stairs at a time and was dragged. Terrible. I still feel sad. I don't want to have people trying to talk to me about it in the morning! She must feel bad......in front of so many people. I could cry for her.
  4. Completely agree with you - it was a sad/scary moment. What a shame for her. I feel ill thinking about it. She'll make the best she can out of it though
  5. Ha, ha loving the Freudian slip of "crown-pleasing" instead of "crowd-pleasing"!
  6. I'm the same as this. Does anyone know if we are getting a coloured vinyl at some point - like red or something? I would love that. I love my Confessions pink vinyl!
  7. The best so far - absolutely love it!
  8. Are we getting new tunes on the prepaid Rebel Heart albums tonight?
  9. I know what you mean! I loved the very beginning and the very end. We've chose the absolute best!!
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