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  1. Still loving this album after all these months! 1. Killers Who Are Partying - This one took a long time to come around to, lyrically (I always LOVED the production), but now I think it's pretty brilliant 2. God Control 3. Looking For Mercy - I think these are some of M's best lyrics ever 4. Crazy - Perfect Madonna pop music 5. Bitch, I'm Loca - Sorry folks, I think this one is such fun!
  2. I love it when instrumentals are released and am craving the Madame X ones badly! especially the Mirwais co-productions, there is such depth and the layer to the sounds and melodies. I go back the American Life instrumentals often and would love to hear the Madame X ones.
  3. I couldn’t get my votes in on time, but the effort and care @Curtains puts into these is immaculate
  4. Me too! will you integrate the new songs into the old list, to see where they stack up to the classics and not-so classics?
  5. I managed to wait the months until Rebel Heart! I am strong! i can do a couple more days!
  6. I’m in! we included things like Hey You or Superpop before, so I think all the tracks should be covered
  7. Madinna’s Triumphant return to acting in The Sarah Huckabee Sanders Story
  8. I have had such a shitty day and laughing my ass off at this has been the best therapy!
  9. MDNA Skin has to be the goofiest thing she's ever done. It's hard to believe it's even real.
  10. what was pregnancy test technology like in '86? could you just waz in the shipyard and wait for the results?
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