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  1. I got to have her mic in my face for Open Your Heart on MDNA Tour, and, like others have said, it's those eyes. Looking right into mine , focussing on this moment of the show as much as every other. It was amazing
  2. So I so I took the road less traveled by And my fans won't make it out alive Without the Rebel Heart Tour they won't survive Tough tits. It's not in your shopping cart Deep down in the deeeeeeeeeeepth of my jancelled heart
  3. 2 months away? there should be a lot more information and pre-orders happening. So frustrating!
  4. What happened to that hilarious fake cover that was a shitty screen grab of the Messiah interlude?
  5. Cody Banks


    Curse of Blondie is certainly on the whole better than No Exit, which has some great tracks, but is a serious mess with some disastrous songs.
  6. 1. Erotica 2. Ray of Light 3. American Life 4. Like a Prayer 5. Music 6. Bedtime Stories 7. REBEL HEART 8. I'm Breathless 9. Madonna 10. Confessions on a Dance Floor 11. True Blue 12. MDNA 13. Like a Virgin 14. Hard Candy
  7. Cody Banks

    Most played song from RH?

    Ghostown Living For Love Rebel Heart (album) Rebel Heart (demo) Messiah
  8. Rocco's having a lot of fun with his new dad, Diplo.
  9. I want Rebel Heart released as a single, just to piss people off all over again!
  10. I think Yoko "gets it" and loves it. Because Yoko is awesome. Bitch, she's Madonna!
  11. The can reuse the Me Against The Music set. Those walls could have used more all-fours humping
  12. "premiering tuesday morning", huh?
  13. Hello, Tech Support? I think I lost a file?