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  1. Still loving this album after all these months! 1. Killers Who Are Partying - This one took a long time to come around to, lyrically (I always LOVED the production), but now I think it's pretty brilliant 2. God Control 3. Looking For Mercy - I think these are some of M's best lyrics ever 4. Crazy - Perfect Madonna pop music 5. Bitch, I'm Loca - Sorry folks, I think this one is such fun!
  2. I love it when instrumentals are released and am craving the Madame X ones badly! especially the Mirwais co-productions, there is such depth and the layer to the sounds and melodies. I go back the American Life instrumentals often and would love to hear the Madame X ones.
  3. I couldn’t get my votes in on time, but the effort and care @Curtains puts into these is immaculate
  4. Me too! will you integrate the new songs into the old list, to see where they stack up to the classics and not-so classics?
  5. I managed to wait the months until Rebel Heart! I am strong! i can do a couple more days!
  6. I’m in! we included things like Hey You or Superpop before, so I think all the tracks should be covered
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