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  1. 1. Erotica 2. Ray of Light 3. American Life 4. Like a Prayer 5. Music 6. Bedtime Stories 7. REBEL HEART 8. I'm Breathless 9. Madonna 10. Confessions on a Dance Floor 11. True Blue 12. MDNA 13. Like a Virgin 14. Hard Candy
  2. Ghostown Living For Love Rebel Heart (album) Rebel Heart (demo) Messiah
  3. Rocco's having a lot of fun with his new dad, Diplo.
  4. I want Rebel Heart released as a single, just to piss people off all over again!
  5. I think Yoko "gets it" and loves it. Because Yoko is awesome. Bitch, she's Madonna!
  6. The can reuse the Me Against The Music set. Those walls could have used more all-fours humping
  7. Everyone's favourite album track is finally getting a proper single release!
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