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  1. Does anyone have a working link for this please?
  2. My gripe about the sound is Best Night! When she sings "You can call me M TONIGHT" that "tonight" is SOOO muffled. It bugs me EVERY time I hear it and I love that song. I noticed it in the demo and couldn't wait for it to get mastered to fix it......and it didn't get fixed!
  3. For the $530 VIP package, is that a floor seat or lower bowl?
  4. I hear the word "shit" in the Body Shop demo in the second verse. It's hard to understand what she's even saying in this song in the verses. It sounds something like this to me "This shit they give, get outta here, we're stepping on the gas"
  5. Official Single Cover?? http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b390/JWBGSU/LivingForLoveCover.jpg This was posted on Citrusonic's Facebook page which is Orlando Puerta's company.
  6. Official Single Cover?? http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b390/JWBGSU/LivingForLoveCover.jpg won't let me upload as image but this is from Citrusonic's Facebook which is Orlando Puerta's company.
  7. Haha! I used to go there a lot when I lived in NYC. Just to dance!
  8. This is one of the most disgusting things I have read on this forum. Madonna would be disgusted with this comment just so you know. Should be banned, rape is terrifying and is not a matter to joke about...for any reason.
  9. If I had to take all the demos that have leaked so far and make a double album Rebel Heart, with Disc 1 being the Rebel side of Madonna songs, and Disc 2 being the Heart side of Madonna, this is my tracklist. I listened to all the songs and found that order to sound great together while keeping the theme of the two albums.
  10. Hmmm all the sites that I see it on and on youtube have a 3:59 version that cuts off in the middle of the end. That's what I have listened to this whole time
  11. For HOLD TIGHT, does everyone's copy cut off in the middle of the end, or is there a version out there that leaked that has the full ending?
  12. I love this song SO much!! Madonna moaning throughout the song is subtle but insanely awesome!
  13. I listened to Body Shop again (which from the first listen made me want to never hear of the song again) and imagined it with a completely different theme and new lyrics....then and only then could it have some potential. The lyrics and especially the naming of the different car parts is just ridiculous. Borrowed Time is great! Back It Up is soooo catchy! Imagine a fun disco video a la Sorry (but better) with that track and it could be a huge hit! The general public would love that song, fun and makes you want to dance. With final production and a few lyric tweaks it could be awesome!
  14. Did anyone notice this song is not marked as explicit on iTunes? Only Bitch I'm Madonna is. This one has more swearing lol. But I LOVE this song! Must be a single, maybe Rebel Heart first?
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