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  1. I guess I will have a long pee break during Holiday. Not here to see all those fags loosing their shit and screaming along to the song.
  2. I'm reading it as the first section being the party section, like I suggested ages ago. I think overall the show will be more "romantic". Dark and story-driven with Madonna overcoming several hardships until finding true love one way or another.
  3. I was being sarcastic! I was referring to what Taj71 said a while ago when he confused NRM with NKM and was dragging everyone who wanted NRM on tour saying how boring and underwhelming it was on RIT. And people were like "Nothing Really Matters was performed on RIT?" It took him a while to actually realize that he confused those two songs.
  4. Inside Out is definitely out. Joan of Arc OR Wash All Over Me OR Hold Tight - two of them are gonna be performed but I doubt she's gonna perform all three of them Illuminati, at least not in full Best Night Veni Vidi Vici - only as an Interlude but with an iconic video on the way the chances of getting a video or performance of this are becoming more and more unlikely. Messiah - not that I'm worried about it lol...never liked the song to begin with. Also, none of the Super Deluxe tracks. I think the only ones that have a slight chance are Graffiti Heart and Borrowed Time.
  5. Hopefully just a sample because his remix is basic.@@Sloane Lyrically and sonically, Love Profusion would definitely fit and I wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up on the setlist. It really depends on whether she's going for what @@DagIN said basically. I think Megamixes/Medleys will definitely be a thing. She has to fit in a lot of her old songs because the demand is huge. On the other hand, I just don't see her going for an all-hits tour and ignoring the majority of RH when she truly seems to be loving the album that much. And I also think she's kind of tired of performing the same songs
  6. I'm just speculating. Never said anything I guessed is/was actually true. And how do you know she's not? If you say that I shouldn't take it too serious why do you take it so serious yourself? I was asked for my assumption regarding the first section and I answered. I honestly just like the fun of guessing. But I understand that I may come off as a bit pushy, sorry if that is the impression you get.
  7. I just figured that Beautiful Stranger would fit SO WELL in a sex/religious segment with SEX, Holy Water, Justify My Love and Devil Pray.
  8. PARTY segment, if it actually ends up being a party segment.So far, it looks like Iconic, Who's That Girl and Bitch I'm Madonna will end up together in some sort of "rising star" segment. If you listen to the songs there are lines that point towards each other. "Shine your light like a beautiful star! Show the World who you are, who you are!", then in Illuminati "Everybody in this party shining like Illuminati" and in Bitch I'm Madonna "You can't mess with this lucky star", which was the line she tagged the song with along with the tags #iconic and #bitchimmadonna. I think Iconic could be a vi
  9. Body Shop and Like a Virgin will be a mashup following Rebel Heart. I'm 90% certain about. "I made it throught the wilderness. Somehow, I made it through. Didn't know how lost I was until I found you...Yeah you make me feel shiny and new" vs. "With all these curves we might need to have breaks looked at. Zip up the hood and see what's good I need a tune-up bad". From the Ahhhhsss in Body Shop to the weird auto-tuned adlibs during the end...It all just screams for a mashup of those two songs. I think Between the Bars is gonna be an interlude to lead us into the war/apocalypse section. She t
  10. OH I had no idea...well I suppose it will be part of the show then. I'm guessing it will be a video interlude, though I may be wrong, though and she'll surprise with an actual performance of this forgotten jam.
  11. What? Aynway...I tried to bring some order in all of this confuuuuuussiiiooonnnn. Dress You Up "Dress you up in my love" tagged with a picture from DSS with Madonna and her iconic 80's boytoy look. True Blue "True Love...you're the one I'm dreamin' of" tagged with a picture of Madonna and her iconic 80's/LAV boytoy look Deeper and Deeper "I can't help falling in love" tagged with a still from the Take a Bow video with Madonna sporting her "Matador wive" look. Who's That Girl "Who's That Girl????" tagged with a picture of Madonna in her iconic early 90's Marilyn Monroe look and.
  12. I'm the same way. I'm hoping for more non-hits but will take what I get (after having a short meltdown )
  13. I do actually have a bit of a problem with a lot of her hits. I mean don't get me wrong, I still love her 80's stuff but as a child of the 90's and 00's I'm way more excited to hear stuff from that time period, especially because I love her remakes. Actually, they tend to help me listen to some of the really overplayed stuff a bit more. Like a Prayer (1989 album version), Open Your Heart, Vogue among some others are definitely among my favourite songs and I wouldn't be all too mad at them appearing on the setlist. However, her 90's stuff has been ignored way too many times for me to appreciate
  14. In all honesty I absolutely cannot relate to people wanting to hear the same outplayed and tired songs on every tour. Don't you think some forgotten classic and unexpected choices would excite the crowd just as much? And even if doesn't...who gives a flying fuck? DWT was a great show while featuring barely any classics.
  15. She doesn't need and shouldn't have staples with that singles catalogue.I think and hope that Vogue is just an extended version of the HW sample, meaning a mid-section during that performance. The same goes for Body Shop and Like a Virgin.
  16. I agree. At least not as full songs, some of them may be snippets or just samples. I still think we're gonna get a lot of mashups and medleys. We're at 22 songs right now and a lot of RH as well as a lot of post-1993 stuff hasn't been mentioned yet.Also regarding Like a Virgin, I'm certain that she won't perform the full thing but rather the first verse and chorus mashed into Body Shop. The instrumental and lyrics of BS go hand in hand with that of LAV pretty much. Vogue, is probably just the sample used in Holy Water and MAY be a bit extended. Also, where the fuck is the First Album? Why is s
  17. She posted pics of her outfit on instagram and tagged it with #iconic #rebelhearttour So, it's definitely for the tour. Whether it's a backdrop video or an interlude has yet to be determined.
  18. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Thank god I'm not. I prefer the epic album version over the dance version which completely distracted from the meaning of the song. I really hope she performs it.
  19. The album did very well around the globe. She would have hit #1 in the US if she wasn't besten by Empire. Living for Love, despite being a hit is known due to the exposure it got. Bitch I'm Madonna is pretty well-known bc of the video. So technically the singles weren't hits but ppl should have acknowledged their existence at least.
  20. I think Liz talked about it too. At least that's what I read in one of threads. Anyway, if you think about it would have been quite logical too. She wanted to tour BS in 1995 but couldn't due to Evita. Then, in 1996 she said she may tour it alongside the STR songs and some Evita tracks. That didn't happen either, so the ROL would have had the main focus on stuff that was yet to be performed on tour, which is exactly what she did in 2001 as well. 11 songs from BS, 3 from STR maybe 4 from Evita and 13 from Ray of Light. Even with some omissions there really doesn't seem to be mich room for class
  21. They don't. For MDNAT they photographed the second section A LOT.
  22. Medleys and mashups are a thing. And Sorry from COADF, Don't Tell Me from Music and VVV and Wash All Over Me from RH. And judging by the instagram tracks, Justify My Love will be performed as well. And she also did I Don't Give A at the MDNA Tour!
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